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Date: September 27, 2022

12 thoughts on “Nika live sex chats for YOU!

  1. Is this a troll for breeding knk or what? Just now i read another post about a guy that wants to impregnate many women just cos he wants to have lots of babies without paying child support….

  2. He has friends but not in New York. They moved away. But I think it’s my fault. There were times I got insecure when he went clubbing with people and they were all single and hit on him. He didn’t want me to be insecure so turned down invitations which I never asked him to do. Also the pandemic hit and we didn’t go to many social functions. I feel bad that I made him friendless. I hope he doesn’t resent me

  3. “how to bring up threesome”? Didn't you already bring it up and it didn't sound like she wanted it? There is your answer. Don't be an asshole boyfriend and keep pestering her. If you do, she will leave you, not be convinced to do it.

  4. It’s so shitty how these things happen but i think it really all boils down to a level of connection/understanding and complimentary personalities. These people who end up marrying others quickly after spending years of being with someone else just got lucky to find someone that surpasses the level of connection they had with their previous partner(s). It just shows they weren’t really in love with you(they just liked you), and didn’t reach their fullest potential when it comes to being in love, when they were with you.

    It’s a crappy situation to be in for the person who thought the level superior connection was mutual.

  5. They’re still the loving couple from before. Literally nothing changed. They never stopped being good parents. If they did, OP would’ve guessed something was up a lot earlier.

  6. You deserve better than a man who lies to you. You work well together. Umm no you don’t. He is a liar and a cheater. He is an actor you work well with the character he plays for you. I would get the fuck out now while you are young and can start again. and as i was leaving so would give AP’s husband a heads up on their messaging.

  7. Usually if someone “forgives” a cheating partner soon after finding out about it, they're likely in some state of shock, denial, or both. After time goes on, that wears off and they're faced with the reality so their response would seem delayed. Seems like OP's boyfriend just got over the shock/denial and thinks he can move past the relationship. Though it'd be better if he could just pull the plus on the whole thing and move on.

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