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Date: September 22, 2022

5 thoughts on “Nika

  1. Yes exactly, for me it’s really the action and not men in general just existing.

    About the OP: I actually wrote a very separate comment asking if the gf actually responds to them or just using the instagram excuse to get rid of them in the moment and then be able to block them nicely. If it’s the blocking option then I would agree with the whole”not a big deal” statement. No response from OP unfortunately.

    I agree with you, if she really adds them then it’s quite… ehm… strange… As far as I understand the post it could be either way. Hence my question as I think that makes quite the difference.

    Btw I ended up in this whole discussion because of another commenter arguing that although he agrees that some rejected men are hostile he nevertheless wouldn’t allow his gf to act like OPs gf. That’s how the whole thing with my personal experience started, it strayed a bit far from the original post tbh

  2. Okay yeah then therapy should help for sure! Make sure you find someone relatable, I usually try to find therapists of the same sex.

  3. Do you have any suggestions of these? I couldn’t find what you wrote here, but maybe I’m not searching the right terms.

  4. While someone who is older and wiser may well have figured that out, dumping you because you didn't, dumping you after you did the right things and told your partner, is so monumentally childish. You will be better off without his insecure ass.

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