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Date: October 2, 2022

13 thoughts on “Norahoward live! sex cams for YOU!

  1. People my own age only want to sleep around and get as many phone numbers as they can, I don’t know what else to do. I’ve never really wanted to participate in hookup culture much so it’s difficult to just “be 21” in that regard, never saw it modeled growing up. Just mom and dad, same house forever.

  2. Have you and your wife been lacking in the intimacy department? I could completely see why she’d feel hurt if you were. Women are taught to take it personally if a man says no to sex, but also I find it a bit childish she’s gone so far to throw a tantrum to spend the night in another bedroom.

  3. Advice?? Leave him. You know who he is. He isn’t going to change.

    Why do you want to stay with him?? Post like this always confuses me, grow some tits and self respect and leave him. There is nothing else you can do.

  4. Hit reply by mistake. Here’s what I wanted to say. First of all, as a child you were burdened with adult issues that your mother should have never burdened you with. Her making you her confidant and Best friend was no favor to you. She used you as a crutch and actually stole part of your childhood. A good mother does not dump issues with her spouse on her daughter. Stop and look back on your feelings toward your dad growing. I’d be surprised if it wasn’t colored by her comments.

    Finally, do what you know is right for you and live! your life to the fullest and know that you were manipulating and be guilt free!

    Kudos for being able to comply and keep your real feelings to yourself. Congrats on college and separating from the Fundamental churches of that wasn’t the right fit for you. In reality how much does your mother really care for you as a person? It’s not your responsibility to be her support. She has a husband and sons who will likely marry some nice fundamental girl.

    Do not feel guilty about leaving your mother. I can’t help but feel she has manipulated you your whole life. Don’t let her do it any longer. Look instead at your dad’s reaction. He’s not disowning you. I’m guessing that your mother complaining about him to you since childhood may have unknowingly affected your relationship with him and that he recognizes you need freedom from your mom.

  5. Do you really want this? You're not there to fix someone. You can't help everyone or everything. She'll need to figure this out and not drag you down with her. It'll only get worse over time if you stay

  6. Wow, he sure is toxic. You have as much reason as the next guy to cut him off. Just be aware that it might not work to do it “for a while.” Sometimes family estrangements become permanent.

    The thing about sticking you with that hotel bill is really the coup de grace here. This relationship with him will cost you.

  7. That is unforgivable. The ONLY answer here is to end it and walk away. What she did is the epitome of disrespect.

  8. For now, just talk to her, but focus on her thoughts and feelings. Don't tell her that you don't want to be a dad or whatever–not at first. If she asks what you think, be as vague as possible–tell her you're “still processing everything.” You can mention that it's a “big financial commitment” and such, but don't express any actual displeasure at the situation. It may turn out that she isn't ready to be a parent any more than you are, and then you don't need to come off as the “bad guy” for wanting to just bail on everything. Just give it some time, and see what she is thinking and feeling, before you commit to your own choice of actions.

  9. Ok so I've been to family court myself. He's not getting full custody unless you have some massive untreated drug abuse issues. That is an empty threat. That isn't how family court or visitation and custody work.

  10. I think you need to have a serious conversation with her. You have needs in a relationship that arn't being met. Thats OK, it happens. That being said you don't have a clear reason as to why she isn't as interested. It could be medical, performance, lower libido, or really any other reason. Those are also perfectly valid.

    She is meant to be your partner. Talk to her, be honest, and figure out what the issue is. Then you can try and figure out the solution.

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