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  1. What i really want is to see her happy. It's doesn't matter with who is the boy. Only matter is that man has to be a best for her

  2. That is genuinely disgusting and some kinks deserve shaming. Your bf is a brain dead coomer who shouldn’t be allowed near women

  3. He also told me that if I said yes, I could pick out the girl and it wouldn’t matter if she was unattractive. I don’t understand the point of why wanting one then

  4. You shoot your shot and missed. Just move on and leave her alone. If she is interested she will contact you herself.

  5. And what was he doing before he met this wonderful lady? Going homeless? If he is literally taking money from her(an alleged single mother of 2) to feed his immediate family, why is she taking money away from her children and giving it to this dude?

    She is either exaggerating what is going on, or she is enabling this whole situation.

  6. Thanks. I asked because I wanted to confirm your statement about his awareness of the overall situation. So now that I know that, I’m fully on your side here. You told him the deal. He’s still here. You’re not holding a gun to his head or being dishonest about what he’s in for should he stick around.

    As such, I would sit him down and have a long conversation laying this all out and telling him your expectations. You can even acknowledge your “limitations” (if you will. I hate that I even just said that and I’m sorry, but I’m just trying to get to the point).

    “Hey, I’m really happy with you and want this to continue and progress, but I really can’t do this much longer if the situation stays as is. To be fair to you, I know that my living situation is less than ideal, but like I told you, given my mental health, I will need to live! with family or a partner. I’m not suggesting that we move in together right now, but we can’t continue in a situation where coming to my house isn’t an option and where your “home” is a bed on the floor of your office where staying over for days means I’ll feel disgusting because I can’t bathe. It’s been six months. Can you please start making an effort to find a real place to on-line?”

  7. You're being played OP….What she really means is ''please don't go see other women while I go out with another man…I need you to sit still incase this doesn't work out”.

  8. Forget his mom

    He doesn’t want to be in relationship but wants what goes with a relationship. that’s not going to happen and you need to tell him that.

  9. First of all… you are 30 and are dating teenagers? Really?

    Second, you really thought having unprotected sex your gf’s teen best friend was a good idea?

    Thirdly… she forgives you but not the best friend? Hell no. She SHOULD break up with you.

    Fourth, this is how it should go down:

    Tell your gf. Break up. Take responsibility for the child if the girl wants to keep it because it takes two to tango. You are a GROWN ASS MAN. ACT LIKE IT. Take responsibility for your actions and don’t expect others to forgive you for your screw ups. Grow up.

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