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Date: September 25, 2022

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  1. eh social views is specific to the person, i meet very liberal and very conservative women that want a man to act very differently. that's another weird tricky thing, what a man needs from a woman hasn't changed. what a woman wants from a man has. and as a guy i have to talk to the girl for a bit to even figure out which kind of guy she's looking for.

    can go back n forth on both sides have too high of standards, that was kind of my point let's all get on the same page here i'm a very avg guy – avg height avg weight still have my hair luckily lol – i never would say “not over 110 lbs no taller than 5'4 big boobs” as an expectation. so don't exaggerate and act like that's expectation of every avg guy. i think guys are more accepting of what's realistic expectation. girls are ones that got these crazy ideas in their heads of only will settle for a guy basically like they see on the bachelor lmao as the women sit on couch eating chips 25 lbs overweight wondering why only avg guys want to take them out.

    part of issue might be type of girl i go for cause i find a lot care about $ and will ghost right away if find out you're just middle class similar to them. there are a ton of single girls out there like that. they want security i get it, of course they want the wealthy man then they can maybe be stay at home mom and still have a really nice life. who wouldn't want that. well the issue is only like 10% of men can provide that so guess what only top 10% of single women are going to land them.

    i also think there's dating app fatigue. i notice lots just don't care anymore. including myself at times. you've talked to so many people it all just blurs together at some point. people start looking similar to others you've already dated. it's very hot to stand out after awhile you notice we're all fairly similar with similar interests and what we want in life. “looking for my lifetime travel partner to go on adventures with and never stop laughing” blah blah blah lmao yea we know everyone wants that.

    my overall point is i just think too many people are living fake lives with unrealistic expectations and the result is a lot of single lonely people sitting at home wondering why they're still single. i've talked to a lot that think same thing men and women.

  2. Four times? Once I can see… But Four times! She's fantasizing about him…. Or she's doing it on purpose to fuck with you.

  3. Sigh. I totally get where you are coming from. But I think there's too much focus on the proposal these days and NOT the fact that someone wants to marry someone. Yes the “perfect” proposal is what we all dream of but … at the end of the day it's insignificant. If the person who proposed is your person then the details don't matter. I had the “perfect” proposal….. and a horrible marriage. Be happy the person loves you and wants to spend the rest of their lives with you. The rest is just window dressing.

  4. I can say that it doesn't feel very intimate when someone will jerk off every single night if you say no, so in either way, they're dumping a load and it doesn't matter how they do it as long as they do it.

    I can almost guarantee that is how she feels.. like she's just somewhere to dump.

  5. My POV: No matter how well matched I felt with someone, if they said “Come on-line in the suburbs with me”, I would say “sorry, we're not right for each other.”

    I online in the city not because I can do city things: I am fully aware that I can do CITY THINGS whether I on-line in the city or not. I live! in the city so I can come home from work and decide at the last minute that I want to do city things — I don't have to think out “Ok, I want to do city things, so I'll take a shower, get dressed, take off at 6, traffic should be fine, so I'll get downtown before 7, pay for parking, hopefully that lot that has evening rates of $30 is still open, make sure I don't have too much to drink, and then leave by 9:30 to get home by 10?” Nope, I get to come home, shower, dress, walk a couple blocks or take a bus or train or bike and come home when I want.

    So I'm siding, obviously, with your girlfriend.

    But I certainly would not, in your shoes, sell your home for a girlfriend of one year, with whom you have some obvious compatibility issues to work out (i.e. what kind of living situation y'all like).

  6. You seem to be overthinking this. If you feel you want to respond saying thank you for the card, then do so. If for whatever reason you're uncomfortable with it then don't and nothing lost.

  7. “I have considered your perspective and I disagree with it. Considering what someone says does not mean having to do what they demand.”

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