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Date: September 25, 2022

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  1. Often therapy gives you the strength to advocate for yourself. To put yourself in a position mentally where you can see the way forward for you.

    Often the idea of changing something that you have had all your teenage and adult life is scary and you still with what is comfortable or for the children.

    Some people grieve the future they thought they would have, so planning a new future can be full of emotion, but also with support can be an adventure and a challenge that you have the strength for because of everything you are already coping with. Imagine instead that your energy goes not to supporting him and managing his needs, but to you and what you need to do.

    He is making his choices, to abuse his drugs, to look for validation elsewhere, none of these thoughts are about you and his family at this point. Maybe they were but now they are not. So maybe it is time to make new choices for yourself.

    Good Luck on your journey.

  2. I think Annie has had a very hot time in relationships and that’s why she can’t decipher between actual caring love and love bombing. She’s projecting for sure so don’t stress what she’s said.

  3. I think you should tell her – have you maybe also considered telling your mom first? If you think it will come out it might be better if she hears the truth from you, before she gets hearsay and rumours from elsewhere.

    As for you – this is clearly eating you up, and also this guy has been stringing you along and keeping you from moving on with your life for years and years. He’s utter trash and scum. You, in my opinion, are not. You’ve done something really stupid and really really terrible, but eventually you have to come to a place where you can forgive yourself. (And I don’t care if I get downvoted to shit for this, in my opinion the person who cheats on their partner is always more to blame.)

  4. Well if she’s ignoring u, ignore her back or make it clear u won’t stick around if she keeps treating u like that. U have to willing to show you’re willing to walk away

  5. Yes get a lawyer, that will tell you either 1. you are operating as an illegal money manager or 2. Your parents gave you an illegal loan that they did not report to the IRS.

    What a fucking mess.

  6. Most governments won't allow their citizens to enter and leave using a foreign passport, even if they have one.

    If I were you, I would seriously rethink traveling to Russia at all, given what is going on.

  7. Had you already gone on a date with your future wife or was this just we hung out together in the same friend group?

  8. You have value. You have worth. You are a kind loving mother. We all make mistakes and we all have to make nude choices. The choices you have made don’t make you a terrible person and they don’t make you worthless. If you ever need to talk feel free to dm me at any time. You got this.

  9. Wait, you mean like 16 minutes and 1 hour? I'm confused.

    Either way, this person is messing with people. Their story doesn't add up in the slightest.

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