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Date: September 24, 2022

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  1. Why the heck do you all the sudden care about the well being of your so called friend? He obviously has issues letting people do, as most people would of ditched you both. You are a very crappy friend, so don’t say anything to him. Do you know any of his friends that actually care about him? Maybe get one of them to address it.

  2. You didn’t do anything wrong I initially thought you and him slept together without her knowledge which would have made you a pretty awful person but you didn’t she was with you guys she knew what the possibilities were just cuz you want to keep your child doesn’t make you a horrible person your baby is what’s important now

  3. You’re delusional to think this is normal. Please go look up the Jacob Hoggard trial. This is quite literally a repeat

  4. DO NOT encourage her to get plastic surgery, this is terrible advice. She'll feel so much worse if she thinks you dislike her breasts even a little. They are not “deformed”, they are completely normal. Plastic surgeons label them as deformed specifically for the purpose of making women dislike their bodies and making them feel like they need surgery. It's manipulative marketing.

  5. I mean, you fucked up. There’s no tip-toeing around that one. You knew what you were doing was wrong while you did it, and then—because you were ashamed—you lied to someone you claim is your friend. She deserves better than that, and you know that.

    By concealing this, you are lying by omission. Would your friend still want to be your friend if she knew what you’d done? I doubt it. That’s why you don’t want to tell her. Personally, I feel she has a right to know what kind of person she’s friends with. The adult thing to do would be to come clean and accept the consequences of your actions (which will likely be the end of this friendship) and try to learn from this experience.

    The good news is that the fact you feel guilty demonstrates you violated your own moral code. That’s what guilt is, and why it’s a useful emotion. People who don’t feel guilty when they betray someone have no problem betraying someone—and that’s what we call a sociopath. You are clearly not that. So just… don’t violate your own moral code again. Learn from this and do better.

  6. He’s 52 for Gods sake!!!!!! Ask him if it’s easier for him to wear a diaper or something lol. Good luck. Please don’t put up with crap ?

  7. Even if he's a good man, you aren't happy. I think you should break up with him because this isn't working for you. You were so unhappy that you decided a 5 month affair was the answer.

    He isn't going to trust you again. He's still going to leave all the time, because that's his dream income. He wants to build a life and needs a partner that can support his dreams and vision, while still being faithful. You need a present partner.

    Walk away and find what makes you happy. This isn't it and you're hurting others in the process.

  8. At this point it looks like she just lies for funsies!

    OP this isn't the kind of behavior you want to spend a lifetime with and possibly raise a family with so get out while you can.

  9. Once a year I get a check up with my doctor. Mental health check in, blood pressure and blood test. If I'm single the blood test is general health like cholesterol, blood sugar, Vitamin D, iron. If I'm in a relationship or about to enter into something with someone I just ask to be also tested for STIs

    You can catch things and not have symptoms but someone you're with might not also know they have something. It's good to be on top of your physical and sexual health.

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