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  1. Okay…. Try to give an appeal to her emotional side and get her to understand why going to the beach has so much value to you, (guilt trip the fuck out of her) make up some shit about how you always dreamed about walking the beach together with the woman you loved. Make her genuinely feel like doing this will make you feel so much better and get into her head. How much you will treasure the experience and how happy you are just being with her. But how ready you are to also make lifelong memories to her. She will eat that up and start thinking that maybe it will actually be a beautiful experience and understand just how much you truly would value the experience. But also make sure she knows how excited you are to do her stuff too, remember this is supposed to be a honeymoon, not this stressful experience it is building into.

    Another thing to do if this doesn't work is try to understand why she doesn't want to go so much, why she is so unwilling to compromise and why she just doesn't seem to want to work with you on this even though you are husband and wife now.

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  3. Pack your kids up and go to a hotel until they leave. Then have a come to Jesus conversation with your husband.

  4. She's despressed/anxious and on a medication that can cause weight gain (Mirenas generally don't).

    She needs to be getting treatment for her depression, the drugs aren't enough. Focus on her mental health and not her weight.

  5. Next time he’s going down on you do a little hip thrust to line up your bhole to his mouth and let one rip right down his throat

  6. I yelled, I apologised, he said he gets I’m anxious lately because of work — we moved on — then he said these comments. I told him I shouldn’t have let it out on him and I’ll work on that. I’m concerned his comments were said after some time, and less about the coffee and more about my past traumas.

  7. Put your head out of your ass and stop making this about your pathetic wants and desires.

    All this “me, me, me”. Cut it.

    You keep screwing up because it's obvious you've not changed.

    Still thinking of yourself only.

  8. I didn't seriously consider universities outside my state simply because of the guy I was dating. I don't hate my life right now,I love it and the passion I feel for my health degree is larger than that of engineering, and I'm happy to be with my new partner (whom I might not have met otherwise)but damn, I regret it sometimes that I didn't fight for the dream I had wanted for so long.

    I will potentially have the opportunity to go to London for a two year grad program, my partner isn't particularly thrilled but the more I talk about the opportunity, the more he's into it – it's a better program than the ones in Australia. A real man will see opportunities for you as a positive rather than him feeling insecure.

  9. You repair it by prioritizing yourself, your needs are your feelings again. A relationship should never leave you afraid to speak your truth and you shouldn’t have to wait for someone else to change in order to be at peace with yourself.

  10. Bro it's a company party. Chill tf out. Even if she has a coworker who is into her (and she is being transparent with you, to her apparent detriment), if you trust her you have no problem. If you say you trust her but not them, you are saying you don't trust her.

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