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Date: September 27, 2022

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  1. Yeah. I'm short but nowhere near petite but still smaller than my hubby, and I am terrified of him picking me up (more so of being dropped actually), so I would want him to tell me personally. That said, if I actually enjoyed/wanted to be picked up to feel small (which honestly sounds weird to me, but hey, like I said, I'm small anyway, so I probably just don't get it) I wouldn't want to know my partner had been training to do it, that knowledge would actually do more harm than good to my self esteem.

    OP, if she presses you with questions about the sudden change in ability, just tell her, “something just clicked tonight, that's all.” We have all had those light bulbs moments, so she should understand what you mean.

  2. So you are discribing the worst scumbag but you picked him to your bf and strayed with him while he treated you this way. You are making excuses for him. You also say that you could have anyone… What woman in their right mind who, “can have anyone”, picks an unemplyed, abusive mama's boy?

    So I think that this is a very one sided depiction of the sitation. Are you a little boarderliny and choose bad guys to punish yourself?

  3. But it will though that's the point your missing rhe fact that most likely the husband will expect some level of help or expect an emotional bond between her and said child and if she still supports him and asks not to be involved with the child's life and not participate with parenting choices most likely what will happen is that she will look like the bad guy so yes it does directly impact her yes she can't change what has happened but she has every right to feel the way she does

  4. Thank you that makes a lot of sense. Boundaries are important and maybe that's a way to think about it moving forward. We've only really been in an open relationship for around 6 years rather than 7, but your other point also still stand too. Thanks for replying!

  5. It was cruel of your wife to say things the way she did, but her concerns might be valid.

    It is helpful for both partners to have friends. You don't have to have alot of them, but it helps spread out the feedback you get and gives extra support when you need it. You might want to be friends with another very quiet person.

    Having a hobby can bring you joy and also get yourself out of a rut. Your partner having a hobby can be helpful so that you are not the main source of interest for them all the time.

    One thing I would recommend is you and she sitting down and making a list of things you like to do. Then, schedule a regular time when you will plan one of the activities.

  6. Also don't date just because your son says he wants a father. Stop taking guidance from your child and explore with him his emotions around a lack of father. Just because it makes him sad does not require you to fulfill this obligation.

  7. It sneaks up on you, especially if it happens over a decent amount of time. I put on around 5lbs a year since 2019 – it wasn't enough that I was noticing it really, because even when I was buying the next size up, I was replacing clothes that had worn out but still technically 'fit'. If you're not weighing yourself with regularity, it's easy to not really notice and just kind of accept that this is what you look like.

    I'm in the middle of an aggressive cut right now with the plan to continue daily weigh-ins and some semblance of calorie counting indefinitely after that. To me tracking that data is what's making my weight loss possible right now (down over 10lbs and a belt loop since the new year) and what'll likely keep me accountable in the long term.

  8. How long should I stop? It feels like torturing her to know she is getting sick and not help. Even if it’s for attention- I have such a very hot time letting her be upset

  9. You need to give him at least a few months, just be his friend for now. Keep the communication open and I am sure he will let you know when the time is right.

  10. Thank God I'm right, I am glad my poetic abilities and streaming topics help me in situations like this

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