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Date: September 28, 2022

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  1. I think giving him time and space in a safe environment is the best medicine for him. As well as lots of patience and love. It takes time for people to heal from emotional wounds like that, just as it will for your dog.

  2. She ain’t your friend. Real friends, drunk or not, don’t do that. She wants your boyfriend. Get rid of her. Today it’s a boyfriend, tomorrow it’s your husband.

  3. It's not good but if they already are engaged and everything was good so far, they plan future togheter it's wiser to work on this issue than just to destroy relationship they both want to turn into marriage.

    Op knows her fiance better and how she can handle this or quit.

  4. Yes you can? So many issues stem from lack of communication skills in relationships. You most certainly can communicate in rude ways that aren’t productive to what you want to achieve. Like instead of saying, “hi, nice to meet you! So sorry, I’m not feeling well so I’m going to go lie down but you two enjoy yourselves”, you grumble “what’s up”, obviously don’t listen to the answer showing you were asking as a performance. Little children get a pass to be grumpy because they don’t feel well. Adults don’t take it out on each other.

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