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Date: September 27, 2022

16 thoughts on “Powergirl Gwen on-line webcams for YOU!

  1. You separate them to prevent the meat sauce from further cooking the pasta. Also allows people to add their preferred amount of sauce to their portion.

    All that said OPs wife is completely out of line for her reaction.

  2. Well I have learnt the hot way that most people who ask “not dating but exclusivity” wants YOU to be dedicated to them ONLY and not them dedicated to you. Even if you confront him you will just hear excuses and empty promises. I would be glad you were never dating, let him know you arent a good fit after all (imo he doesnt deserve an explanation) and go your own separate ways

  3. Lying is lying regardless if he is being honest about it being from a girl he hasn’t seen in months. Which I do believe is bs but regardless. There’s a difference between white lies that do no harm for example saying goodnight and then playing xbox for a couple hours after and this kind of shit. Another girls bra hanging from a door? That’s a big deal

  4. I said that after he brought my mum up and my dad’s (past) alcoholism – I have said this in the op. What I said was horrible, but it was a reaction. I was telling him I don’t feel happy at his place and he told me it’s not his problem and to deal with it. That’s how the argument started

  5. It’s not just guys? You’re downplaying it like he’s being immature but he told you repeatedly it was important for feeling loved and valued which is completely valid.

    Not that anything you say is invalid. Not liking sex is fine. But your dismissiveness of it and claiming it’s a guy thing only is really rude and belittling to your ex.

  6. There's ethical non-monogamy, but this ain't it. Not even close. Neither of you have respect for each other's boundaries, you don't seem to respect his emotional well-being, you can't be saying you're too jealous for an open relationship and while getting upset when he gets jealous. None of this is ok

  7. My girlfriend's teardrop shaped tittied are my favorite things, i look forward to taking her bra off every day, your boyfriend sounds like he has his priorities mixed up.

  8. Sorry you’re going through this. You appear to be a very literal guy by hanging on each word she has told you. But you’re missing the bigger picture: she’s done with this relationship and is moving on. It ain’t about her mom, dad, Jesus. It’s about her. No amount of reasoning, discussion, prayer is going to turn the ship around. So time to be an adult and accept her decision with dignity. Block her, invest in yourself, and move on. Don’t get swallowed up by the details; the headline is all that matters.

  9. Kick her out of your house and demand child support. She's the one that ruined the relationship

  10. Honey, he's cheating /cheated.

    It's what they do, in their mind they can't BELEIVE how easy it is for them to have cheated so that means YOU must of cheated to because it's easy to do.

    Get rid of him.

  11. It could mean he doesn't care about you. It could mean he's too lazy/unreliable to follow through on what he says he'll do (but might care about you).

    Either of those things lead to the same place: he doesn't do what he says he'll do, and you're unhappy about it. Do you want to stay in a relationship that continually lets you down?

  12. So you created a safe space where she could be open about thoughts and interests and you wouldn't hold it against her….. Ya except you didn't do any of those things.

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