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Date: September 22, 2022

16 thoughts on “pretty-babes

  1. She’s brought up wanting to have threesomes with some of my good girl friends, just not my best friend (female)

  2. You fuks will down vote anything to get your little tingle. Nothing I said was wrong. I simply stated the fact that you can give a customer your number if you want to, your not obligated to in any way as you won't get introuble from management if you don't.

  3. Have you spoken to her about depression? It sounds like she is struggling with depression

    Gently start suggesting some active activity you can do together. You’ve been together 4 years, I would think you could talk to her about your feelings.

  4. This is malicious incompetence. He could have Googled how to do it, but he didn’t want to so messed up on purpose. The aim being that you would have a go and he could say “I don’t know why I bother”. I’d have put the rest in the oven to keep it warm and asked him to try again. Even if that meant I was starving and we ate late. This is not acceptable behaviour from a partner

  5. I have feelings for him. I always have. I just want C out of the way. I want to make my move on him. Show him I can be better. But they’re always together.

  6. I agree with everything you've said but I did have a friendship with her and I did think she liked me. I will not be creepy from now on because I know that what I did isn't as innocent as I thought it was.

  7. Anybody, especially the nurses and midwives will usually be incredibly expert at removing people, especially unnecessary husbands, from any part of the process.

    Anyone who is willing to say these things about his wife and the mother of his children should definitely not have the privilege of being there, her comfort and well-being are the only priority.

    Op, if you feel that you can, before the birth is an ideal time to actually reach out to your mother, sister, or any person in your life you feel can be supportive. Because this man does not plan on being supportive. He doesn't plan on being a husband to you and he definitely doesn't plan on being a good father.

  8. One would think if you can have 100+ people there, your MOH's +1 would be one of them, just saying. If it's not you're either a douche or there's drama… Which is why you would ask…

    OP is right to wonder why out of 150 people, he's not one of them.

  9. We started doing things for the better cause we both still wanna be together we are planning on moving in with each other pretty soon

  10. Nope, the moment he has cheated on her, he has broken her trust. She should break up with him, demanding him to leave the job where the other girl still works is the most generous option there is.

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