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  1. , but on the second day I ended having a miscarriage

    What type of birth control are you using? Just condoms, or were you also on another form of bc?

  2. if he got into a state she should of called you. i seriously bought hd was crying for that long in a park and she didn’t think oh i better answer tgat my boyfriend might be worried.

  3. There are lot of factors to consider in your case. First, three months is not that long a time. In a relationship this raw, I am guessing that there hasn't been a talk about your future together. So in all probability, he is thinking that you also were looking for something casual and thus this suits you both.

    So you need to express your feelings more clearly to him. That you do see a future with him and want him in your life for long term. After he has processed this new information, he may take his own decision regarding the same.

    Indians getting married to foreign nationals is not that rare and happens quite regularly so it is not that frowned upon culturally.

    Good luck.

  4. This! I was just thinking that have SO much to do this week with prepping for Christmas and doing Hanukkah that I would not have time to sit and read a letter and give it the attention I felt it deserved (she said, typing a comment while browsing Reddit). She won’t get to it until at least Christmas Day evening

  5. I figure if he can play the “my game is live! so I can't pause” thing to avoid doing things like cleaning up after the dog or filling his water cup, I can use my period to get a cheeseburger that I didn't have to make or pick up myself.

  6. Anything I say would depend on how you think he should hold him accountable? You already said that you don’t want him to cut him off so do you think he needs to tell his friend that he’s wrong?

  7. If your ex doesn’t know you are dating you are better off telling him before he finds out from someone

  8. Thank you. Yeah, I'm not gonna break up with so far perfect girl. I will give her some time and will try to talk with her again

  9. If he doesn’t feel it, he doesn’t feel it, but at the same time you deserve to have someone head over heels in love with you. I just don’t see this relationship going well when after a 1.5 years he can’t even admit to being serious about you…. I’m sorry OP, you can’t force someone to love you. Find someone who does.

  10. She moved 100 miles away to a new life that only lasted 48 ish hours. The dude from her job/training only wanted sex not a full blown relationship and you as back up pitcher can fill in until the next new shiny dude comes along rinse and repeat!! Do not engage her nonsense, she has shown how much she valued you and the relationship she voted with her feet. She is not a long term option she lives a 100 miles away what has truly changed in the 48hrs that produced the massive perception shift. Why is she so sure and committed now! All signs point to a huge dose of reality in whatever form it hit. Find a person who really values you!

  11. Some of them were a little aggressive which made me a little uncomfortable, but I get it for the most part. Reddit and Twitter are common places to vent.

    The stuff that bugged me the most were his sexual comments or sexual posts that he liked. There was a picture on Twitter of a girl with an extremely revealing bikini and a pizza next to her and it was captioned something stupid like “are you hungry?” He said “the pizza can wait”

  12. Don't bother or fret.

    It may be that your profession as a journalist may be that one thing why she doesn't include you.

    Some people assume, journalists will randomly write about them or their friends if let in on certain intimate occasions.

    Or you both may value the friendship on another scale.

    As she is not your best friend… you may not be hers either.

    And she may not consider you as as close an acquaintance as others.

    That's how life goes.

    Don't fret. It's of no use.

    Go enjoy your stay. Perhaps your going solo is a gift rather than a curse.

  13. She was hugely unethical, enough to where you probably need to think breaking up with her. She took away your ability to make the choice to take that risk, although by not discussing STIs beforehand, you chose to take the risk.

    With the antiviral meds available now that weren’t in the past, hsv can be so minor. Some people don’t even know they have it. I read that they test candidates for those Bachelor shows, and that’s how some find out they have it. The stigma is far worse than the hsv. It’s also quite common.

    But she lied by omission about something important. She didn’t choose to protect you. Rejection due to hsv can be brutal. But that’s no excuse for what she did.

    I’ll avoid telling you what to do. Get your blood test back and take some space to think about what just happened. Definitely to see proof of her negative status. There may be a small chance she doesn’t have it but you do. If she won’t provide, that’s a bad sign about her character.

    Good, quality, worthwhile people can have hsv. But they don’t lie by omission about having it.

  14. I get where your coming from as if my wife ever asked for an open relationship I would divorce her. There is no coming back from that for me, same probably with swinging. Now it's amusing to me this is what you can't trust about her not the fact you went from open to mono. I really don't get you at all.

  15. If you can’t do that, are you prepared to be the one putting in 100% of the effort again? Because those are the options. He likes you because you dote on and borderline worship him. If you stop doing those things, he isn’t going to chase after you. It sucks, but that’s the reality. Pick whatever you perceive as the lesser of two evils.

    But just remember, as much as you feel like you ‘can’t do it’, you can. And the sooner you start, the sooner you realize “wow, how did I ever think losing him was that naked?”

  16. I think you need to have a deeper discussion with this about your husband. Ask for clarification on: * what if you can't lose weight/have a medical condition that ends in weight gain – will he stay or will he look elsewhere

  17. ? I shared an article you could read if you cared to know more, but of course you don’t want to understand. Never challenge your own assumptions.

    Funny you think your vast internet knowledge of Reddit, Adam, is more valid than the lived experience of many woman. While ironically accuse me of being a teen online all the time. Maybe the call is coming from inside your house? Or did you already take the red pill?

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