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  1. His only making decisions about his own body, he osnt stopping her from getting weed or telling her he cant, he just told her he wont be with someone who smokes weed nothing about what she can or cant do

  2. Thank you for the advice, I think that's definitely a possible and maybe necessary route that I didn't think of myself. Sending her back into an ED spiral is indeed the last thing I want to do. And I'd much rather have my own mind to deal with than to open those scars after she's come such a long way. I think I'll try to see a therapist, it would probably help me too. I've been putting of therapy for myself for a while and it's probably time I do something about that.

    It's rather rough to see people jump to conclusions judging me this fast, thank you for being a voice of reason.

  3. Love how I'm getting downvoted because people think I'm against OP. Co sleeping is great. They are obviously doing it wrong. I'm expecting my first baby in about 2 months. We will have the crib next to our bed. Co sleeping will only be limited to naps early on.

  4. I just looked into his posting history and she has a jealousy problem, she even threatened to KILL him if he left and/or a GF if he got one

  5. If it’s not causing her problems I don’t really see why you’re trying to control what she eats.

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