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Date: September 30, 2022

10 thoughts on “Princs-Marilyn live sex cams for YOU!

  1. Weirdly yes, I’ve been to probably 10, mostly with just women and a couple of guy friends every now and then. I thought it was fun but I wasn’t sure if men (generalizing I know) went on bachelor parties for different reasons.

  2. We're not at odds about it, she suggested it, I thought it was a fine idea, but I did want to see what others thought about it because I do want our relationship to remain healthy. Nice to know it was a good experience!

  3. Or go to any jewelry store in the mall and get sized for free! Better than a guess based on Walmart cheap rings for sure

  4. No that's not what I said. If you're partner asked you not to, then you shouldn't. Your sexuality or relationship status doesn't really matter. If your partner asked you not to do something you should respect that.

  5. Do you want to be with someone with these values? Even though you hadn’t yet gone out, there seems something past gray area here. She knew he was your friend…

  6. Stop inviting him to these outings. Sounds mean but yeah. If he can't respect your time that you want to have with your friends then they have to be kept separate.

  7. Because some people care? It depends on a lot of factors. I’m sure she has her reasons like I have mine, why does it matter ?

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