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  1. Sorry for the late reply, just noticed in the app I was getting replies I wasn't aware of.

    What do you mean by “two smaller households”?

  2. All the times she hanging with her friends or is “afraid” to lose them probably is code for she’s gonna meet up with him for some guilty fun and she’s afraid to lose HIM so it’s time for you pull up your pants and WALK AWAY. This tool is not worth your time especially since she’s done this to you before and is likely with him now

  3. Pushing sleep training isn’t helping her because she sees it as coming from a selfish place or you criticizing her parenting choices. It makes her resent you or worse. If you miss sleeping next to her, try getting a babysitter to watch the baby so you can go out. or buy a side sleeping bed or can out the baby in next to your bed. And help out more with the baby! I breastfed and my husband still got up with me when I did to help support me (get me water, anything I needed). THAT is support. Also even if the baby slept elsewhere she would still have to get up and get even less sleep so co-sleeping makes sense to her.

  4. Awww. I’m so sorry. My heart goes out to you. Same thing happened to me. I raised my kid myself. Best thing they ever happened to me. His bio father is out of the picture completely. It all worked out. I hope it does for you too?. Pm if you need any more advice. I was your age too.

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