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  1. That isn’t what I was saying. My parents converted our family when we moved to North America. It’s a cult.

  2. You would be mad to share your finances if she’s likely to “lend” huge amounts out of your billing account

  3. The point of sex in my opinion is to feel intimate and close with your partner… obviously getting off is a piece of it but it’s not everything. It’s a sensual experience with your person. If he’s constantly thinking of other females while he’s having sex with you, that’s not really you guys being able to have an intimate moment. I’d call that a red flag and distance myself from that person. It doesn’t sound like the issue is going to resolve itself and it’s hurting you/causing unnecessary insecurities. You don’t want that for yourself.. it could potentially follow you to other relationships if you put up with it. ? there’s plenty of men out there who are not going to think of your friends while they fuck you.

  4. Christmas sets strange expectations to your that can buy whatever whenever. Settle for birthdays and anniversaries.

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  6. Honestly? I would say you sit her down, tell her how good your mother is doing, and that her entire medic Team say she's doing fine and not supposed to loose more weight. Tell her she is a great Person, she is a great influence and she worked so hard for you that it would be a no go for you to not let her have Contact with the kid. Because honestly, if she's willing to Die on this Hill, there will be a lot issues in the future.

  7. Some people hang around work becuase they are bored, the other workers said she just does that sometimes. I know I do it

  8. He's either projecting on you or is looking for an excuse to break up. You can do better and have a partner that trusts and respects you. Just say okay and leave fr.

  9. It can't be that amazing if youre lying about talking to your ex and he's trying to cheat on you and you both scream at each you wish each other were dead.

    Love is the easiest part of a relationship. People love shitty, toxic people all the time. Doesn't mean that relationship is good for you, doesnt mean you two are good for each other. Love doesn't mean a relationship is a fulfilling and healthy addition to your life.

  10. If it’s a pretty nice hotel then it could be fun for her to go! And it’s pretty convenient just to stay there and sleep in a fancy hotel bed. BUT I wonder if you could meet her afterwards to meet her co-workers and stay in the hotel room together? You could suggest you’d think it’d be fun to pretend to be on vacation

  11. She’s preserving her legacy. She’s an independent woman with her own career. She could also be ‘preserving’ as you call it a matrilineal name.

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