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Date: October 2, 2022

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  2. No offense to the Eastern European people (I am one of them) but this guy seems to achieve in a span of couple of years what others achieved in tens of years: moving to US, getting a house, residency… What if he needs CITIZENSHIP through a shortcut, which in this case would be… MARRIAGE…?

    You need a thorough background check (official, not from “friends”) and if you decide to do the marriage step, you have to protect yourself (ask a lawyer about prenup and whatnot).

    Good luck!

  3. What bothered me was that she said she wishes to MARRY him, you know? Because that's more… Sentimental, maybe?

    It's still in the same boat as a celebrity crush. It's just a hyperbolic way of putting it. Because the reality is, like all celebrity crushes anyone has, she doesn't know Tom Holland and actually wouldn't marry him unless she got to know him and worked out if he was someone she'd want to marry.

    So I wouldn't sweat it any more than that. It's just fantasy land stuff and joking about with a friend, definitely not worth bringing up to her.

  4. Sigh… Not yet. My usual therapist was kinda old, and she didn't use cell phones. Lost contact during the pandemic, and no one answers her landline. I'm in the middle of finding a new one, but it's hot.

  5. I hope it helps. I know you love him but please don’t expose yourself to abuse (because this is what it is, regardless of his intentions or the fact that he’s drunk) by someone who is actually incapable of doing otherwise right now. If sober him really is a good man and loves you, he would also want you to leave drunk him. All the best.

  6. Your boyfriend called you “rapey,” that's all you need to hear. Drunk and as a skunk and trying to help, and you're called “rapey,” time to find a less drunk a**hole.

  7. The last time we talked about doing anything, was going out to dinner next weekend, if I was free. It all depends on paperwork I have to do for clinicals for nursing school, and his overall reaction was… Paperwork takes a couple hours, so does dinner, I barely passed nursing school semester, so I can’t skimp on anything because I need to pass, and he understood that, but it’s naked to balance a relationship when you’re so busy

  8. Everyone is acting like I’m spending my life obsessing when I just saw that he was on tinder and wondered if I should tell the fam. I’m arguing with people I perceive as assholes.

    So I’m on live! dating looking for a new partner and I’m not moving on?

  9. I absolutely agree. My main problems are the fact that just the act of breaking up alone will cause a massive fight and confrontation that I don’t know how to deal with, and more importantly, that if my girlfriend weren’t able to have our child during the days that I work, I wouldn’t have any way for my child to be taken care of during those hours

  10. Thank you, I think I will also send a letter of demand saying if she does not pay me by this date then I will take it further.

  11. This post has reached one of our comment/karma limits. The text of the post has been preserved below.

    I don't really want relationship advice on this but I could use some support…So they're not really saggy but kinda droopy? I guess. Medium sized, they've always looked like this. And I have that tail of spence thingies. I've always hated them so much. I always try my best to make peace with them but I just can't. I was talking to my boyfriend and I asked him how he felt about boobs. He loves my ass and thighs but he's not interested in my breasts at all. He said “I guess I like them when they're nice” and when I asked him what he meant he said “you know when they're like firm and don't need a bra to hold them” well that's definitely not mine. Buuut I should have known because he doesn't take my shirt off during sex unless I do, and I have to tell him multiple times when I want him play with them and even then he does it so halfheartedly. I've never expected anyone to like them spesifically but it hurt so much coming from him…I thought I was making a progress too but that tiny bit of way I've come is long gone now.

  12. People also make mistakes that are not “trip and fall” accidents. For example, I chose the wrong subject at uni the first time and, due to a series of bad decisions, I had to take a year out before I could go do what I wanted. That was a mistake. I fucked up. Not on purpose really, but it also wasn’t an accident.

    Cheating is this same kind of mistake. Many factors can influence it. It is totally possible someone cheats once, regrets it, and never does it again. They would consider that a mistake.

    I do think it’s better if they reconcile, though I don’t think my opinion matters. Idk where you get that there is no respect. I see a family that was actually doing great, and would think it’s worth keeping together. OP says in several comments that the dad would be up for reconciliation if the mum talks about what happened.

    The mum is obviously heartbroken and I find your lack of empathy a bit disconcerting. I think they should try therapy and go from there but that’s just me.

  13. If her bio dad has an issue with it then thats something he has to sort out in his own emotions.

    She felt you were worthy enough for the title and that's all that matters.

    What is he going to tell her not to do that? Sounds like a dick move on his part and by your description, he doesn't really seem like that.

    Sure he might feel a little sad or jealous about it, but those are his insecurities that only he can deal with.

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