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Date: September 25, 2022

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  1. I'm not embarrassed or anything by this? This was an honest post and real questions. People ate me up, sure. But im not deleting just because you tell me to. I'm not losing sleep over this I just wanted some opinions and clearly reddit is not the place since yall just tore me apart lol. I'll stick to other means for advice moving forward but thanks for your time 🙏🏻

  2. Makes sense, when i used to ride there on my penny farthing, every single sport was very rigid in which gender took part in it so segregation wasn't an issue or already built in.

  3. You'll just have to put on your big girl boots and be direct when you tell him that his behaviour is absolute cringe.

    He's not picking up hints or social cues and even if he was, dumping his crap food on people's plate to force them to try his slop is rude.

    If I'm in a fine dining environment, I want to try what I've ordered, what an actual chef has made. Not some other customer's downgrade.

    You confront a grown man by actually using your words, don't sidle, don't spare his hurt feelies, don't sugar coat it. Just tell him trying to force his modifications on others has got to stop. Otherwise, he can buy the stuff himself and eat his crap alone at home.

  4. Stop being a beta orbiter and cut contact until you’re in the right mental state to have a healthy friendship

  5. He will never get over this. Trust me. A lie like that stays with you forever. With time, it may bother him less often, but it's unlikely it will bother him any less. It's up to him whether he wants to continue the relationship with that kind of weight but it's likely nothing you do now will change anything.

  6. Just be straightforward, brief, and kind. Use 'I' statements.

    “Person, this relationship has been great, but I'm no longer happy, so I am breaking up because it doesn't work for me anymore.”

    Don't offer reasons that she will claim she can fix: “This relationship bores me now.” “I can be exciting! Just tell me what to do!” Do not let her manipulate: “I'm not happy anymore.” “Oh after everything I've done, now I'm not X enough?” Etc. Don't be drawn into conversations that cannot be resolved.

    Just be kind and consistent. “Person, this is not about you or your personality or your worth. It's about me not wanting this anymore. It's not your fault, and it can't be fixed.”

    Good luck OP.

  7. It happened to me and it happens to me if I haven't had sex for a long time. In my case, I let them penetrate me even if it hurts. At first it hurts but after a minute when it has already “opened” its way, it stops hurting. Lots of lube, lots of kissing, and having her orgasm before penetration can help.

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