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8 thoughts on “rileyleeelive sex stripping with hd cam

  1. Zwei Jahre sind nichts. Und diese zwei Jahre stehen gerade auch stark in Frage, nachdem was er abgezogen hat.


    Bist du dir sicher, dass du den Typen überhaupt richtig kanntest?

  2. He is lying. He was serious before. He sounds like a really bad friend (/and person, at least from how you describe him).

  3. Tell him. Like person before said his reaction says something. He should care if it’s bothering you especially since men are never subjected to the reverse. People trying to convince you that this is normal are porn addicts that have their timeline clogged with this shit.

    And by god ,don’t stay if things don’t change and you’re unhappy. There is no reason to feel side chick in the relationship compared to people on his phone.

  4. Nuh uh. Not ok or normal. Don’t stand for a guy who would do that. I was in a relationship just like that and if you talk to him and he doesn’t listen it won’t work.

  5. Yeah, just leave her alone and move on. If they're not actively displaying interest in you, whether that's engaging in conversation or giving alternatives for plans – there's no reason for you to go the extra mile for someone that isn't matching your effort.

  6. Put him in the bin, this one’s broken. Never ever have sex when you don’t want to. It destroys your self esteem. Anyone that tries to bully you into sex is trash, dump them. It’s meant to be a partnership, and it’s meant to be good, to energise you. This isn’t it. We all get our hearts broken and move on. We survive and get stronger. A good relationship will energise you- a poor relationship will drain you. ‘A woman in your own right’ is a good book.

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