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Date: September 26, 2022

10 thoughts on “Rin-chan_live sex stripping with LIVE Cams

  1. No no no, go back to him. His parents have no power, he wants to be with you, please don’t shatter his heart like this.

  2. Both my ex/current bf have texted other girls and hid them from me. But I miss my ex more. He was my first love, and I know he loved me too.

    Wow, couple of winners these guys are. Girl you need to start being comfortable without a man in your life. If you don't learn how to be okay on your own, you're gonna bounce forever between dudes like these chuds.

  3. Hey! Not bisexual or married but in a year long relationship with a bisexual woman. So i've been in a relationship with a bisexual girl for about a year now. She “found out” she was bisexual a few weeks into our relationship but never has done something with another woman before or during our relationship. There was a time where she was obessessed with her sexual identity and would wear Pride clothing and accessory whenever she would hang out with me or on a night out with the girls to “assert her identity”. I am not a liar. This bugged me. Not the wearing bracelets or t-shirts or bags but that she felt she Had to do this to “make it clear” her words whenever she would go out with me or alone. Luckily we have wonderfull communication. I sat her down and voiced my concerns and talked with her if she needed to explore her sexuality, it would mean us breaking up, but i wasan't gonna keep her tied down in a relationship with me if that was not what she wanted. She expressed it was more of a curiosity than anything else and reassured me that i satisfy her and give her everything she needs inside and outside the bedroom. We sat down and voiced out that whatever would be considered cheating for us, would imply both sexes. She actually got mad at this, saying: “OFC! Cheating is cheating no matter what and i would never do that to you” this put a smile on my face 🙂 She, surprisingly, apologized for making everything about her identity without considering how i would feel about it. She still wears her “bisexual” bracelet (i didn't even knew that was a thing xD) and that's totally okay with me. We both now sometimes stare togheter at some woman's ass if it is as we say “model like material”. So i would say i'm lucky that my girlfriend is like this and that her being bisexual is not a red flag. She really wants to be with me and i love her regardless. I'm really sorry you have kids because i don't see a happy ending to your story, it seems she will cheat on you if given the chance. Goodluck OP

  4. I didn’t get past the third paragraph…but all I could think was “does this guy realize he’s in an abusive relationship?”

  5. You've been together for 5 years and this just started happening in the last 5 months. Either something big happened, or the relationship has simply run its course and its time to end it. Regardless of which it is, what you need is a discussion with him about it, not a discussion with strangers on reddit. You need to articulate your needs and grievances and see how he reacts. If he's unwilling to address them in a meaningful way, it will be best to leave.

  6. I just don’t like calling someone a piece of shit. OP knows she has hurt not only the AP’s fiancé but her mother as well. I am not condoning the affair, but I believe her mother should not have her life affected by the affair.

  7. Approach the other women you've senn him talk to, and ask them of they are just as uncomfortable as you. If they are, you should all go to the gym staff and say something.

    The age is irrelevant when it comes to predators. He may just be a nice man who only wants to chat to other people, but if that was the case, just like you said, you would have seen him talking to men as well. So I'd take his behaviour as a red flag, not innocent chatting.

  8. People are that stupid, any hint that someone is ” professional ” in their field and the ability to question/doubt anything goes out the window, because they are professional and must know best with years of experience

    Its why people can happily get absolutely ripped off on certain things

  9. Aw hon, I’m sorry this happened, it sucks and it’s like a little heart break all over again. Everyone is different but I can tell you personally: I was with my SO for about 6 years, we went through separate things and both of our mental health suffered, I finally got through mine but realized he hadn’t. I had supported him through everything but realized the stress of his own expectations of what it meant to be in a relationship was becoming detrimental to him. We had a conversation and decided that we would basically break up. He moved out, stayed with his parents, got therapy, got to rediscover himself as an individual and work through the issues he was having, and after he got in a better place we got back together (after many conversations and open dialogue)

    It takes work but it can happen, and it’s a really good thing that he recognizes he’s not “there” yet to be in a relationship. For now, just be his friend if it’s not too painful for you. Be there for him and support him as a friend with no expectation that there will be a relationship, and if one happens that’s wonderful! If not at the end of the day you still have your best friend you love and trust.

    I would say though if you can’t handle going through that, it’s ok for you to be a bit selfish too and take space away from this friendship if you need. As long as he’s bettering himself and putting in the work to get better try to focus on that being the only outcome you want for BOTH of you, and then who knows!

    I know it’s not the answer you were hoping for but that really is the healthiest approach for both of you.

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