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Birth Date: 1984-02-04

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Subculture: subcultureRomantic

Date: September 26, 2022

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  2. I'm certainly seeing that now. I'm not empathic and I can't sympathize with people who are. It's definitely something I need to work on as well as other problems that I've become enlightened to today.

  3. Always be consistent or your words will mean nothing. If you state it is a dealbreaker then it is. Or don't use that word.

    She is getting salty over a 3rd old picture with a friend then she may not be emotionally stable enough for an adult relationship. She may have some personal growth to do and work on her own self esteem if a photo makes her annoyed enough to suggest that she hang out with her friends and take photos as if that would have some kind of effect.

    People have photos of their lives and friends, to suggest that you should avoid the other half of the population in taking photos, does that seem okay to you?

    Well done for having an adult conversation with adult values. Don't fall for crap like that.

    Respect is one of the key relationship values, honesty, trust and communication the other basics. Don't settle for less.

  4. I agree. This has to be discussed more between them. Does OP expect to use the car once his GF has bought it? Is it necessary for his GF to have a car because of her job or any other reason? I think some more details are needed.

    Of course he shouldn't make any payments on the car but he can't say no to sharing expenses and at the same time use the car as he pleases. If he doesn't pay his part for gas, maintenance and insurance, he doesn't get to use it.

    I feel like this could quickly lead to resentment. Suddenly they have a car and going grocery shopping is easier with a car so naturally they take the car. Visiting friends gets easier… lot of things are just easier with a car and it's likely going to make his GF resent him for not paying for anything but still enjoying the benefits of having a car.

  5. no way. I would say if he wanted to go then we would no longer be in a relationship. That’s disrespectful as fuck

  6. Having a social life and cheating on your “immature” 26 year old wife are 2 different things. Anyone warn you that he might not be super great when you guys started dating or were all of your friends and family on board with you dating someone almost 20 years your senior?

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