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Date: September 24, 2022

10 thoughts on “SabrinaParis on-line sex cams for YOU!

  1. He didn’t strangle me it was only brief he had his hands on me and not with much pressure I didn’t have to gasp for air afterwards

  2. So she's playing games with you? Fucking with your head for drama? Seriously, cut that shit out. That's not good for either of you.

  3. For one thing – if you want to be driving, get a license, plain and simple. Even if it's just for borrowing your brother's car when you have a chance. Secondly, talk to your boyfriend and ask him what the problem really is, even if it's as straightforward as him being worried about your safety. You're right, he can't actually forbid you from doing anything. Saying “he won't be happy” is too vague a warning and inadequate communication.

  4. You cheated but she did SOMETHING in your eyes that’s just as bad?!? Let this relationship die off. You’re not in the right head space for an adult romance. My advice is to act and behave like a grownup during your next relationship. This is giving Junior high.

  5. Yeah man, I’m genuinely a very sensitive and somewhat insecure person. I was bullied for most of my life for being ugly duckling! Now this as an adult. Go figure. I won’t hang out with them anyone, at least not on my own doing.

  6. I don't disagree, its really suspicious and she's probably up to something especially as she's had prior form

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