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  1. Obligated is a strong word I think. Doing something for your partner that you don't feel like doing because you want to is different. You shouldn't feel forced.

  2. I would say trust your gut and have a conversation. But pay attention on how she responds and acts but you need to make sure you stay calm

  3. That’s the thing she always asks me. I’m her safe place and if she needs something she always comes to me. Whenever she thinks about trying these things out, she asks me and then I give out my opinion.

    I treat my gf very good.

  4. I really am not trying to flex in any way. And I understand that I am being stubborn, but it’s just not easy for me to let her spend her money when I should be paying for my own meal

  5. By “entertaining” i figured you meant he was at the strip club you work at or subscribed to your OF. Not that you have a conversation that didnt even last the length of an episode of Friends.

    Youre husband is psycho. What other abusive/controlling behavior does he show?

  6. I mean, I personally would rather my partner not have phone conversations with their ex if it can at all be avoided. But there was really no way for you not to talk to this guy, without coming across as rude or like you’re harboring ill will after all this time. I think your husband overreacted, but you can still apologize and not talk to the ex anymore just for his sake. You’ve said you wouldn’t be bothered if the roles were reversed, but I feel like it’s not that uncommon for someone to be bothered by it… Your husband isn’t wrong per say, his boundaries are his boundaries and as long as he also holds himself to the same standard, I think you should give in on this one.

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    My fiancé [25M] and I are getting married in a few months and I was sent a photo from someone from his side of the family of the dress his mother is planning to wear to our wedding. It’s a mid length, long sleeve, elegant dress that comes in several different colors but she chose the white one. The thing is, me and his mother have gotten along very well up until this. She definitely knows the unspoken rule about wearing white to a wedding so I can’t fathom why she would choose a white dress to wear to our wedding. I don’t even know what I should say to her or if I should say anything at all or just let her wear the dress and suck it up? Any advice would be appreciated.

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