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Date: September 28, 2022

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  1. I know it's very hot to see the silver lining, but try to be glad it happened now, and not after you closed.

    As for why – let me tell you about my 2nd stepdad. He was GREAT. He loved my mom and made her happy. Times in our house were great, he bought a house, that had room for us all to move into. Me, mom, brother. Him, and his 3 kids. We were almost all teens at this point so it wasn't littles, except my brother, who was 8.

    We move in, and it all goes to shit. In hindsight, he was using our house as a way to escape his reality. When he was with us, he could pretend his kids weren't assholes, that he hated his life outside of the time he was with us and that his sisters were meddling dickheads. It's really hard to raise blended kids with two different parenting styles.

    We ended up moving out, and they lived separated but still “dating” sort of thing until my brother was old enough to online on his own. They disagreed again about the living situation (he wanted to move to Texas, she didn't) and so they got divorced.

    So – it's nude as it is blending families, but to go into it like this? I would cut my losses and move on. It's not going to get easier, at all.

  2. I'm just going to just out and say it. Probably, she appreciates your brother more and appreciates his children more. She doesn't appreciate you that much or else doesn't appreciate your kids that much.

    Accept that fact and do your best to get your ego out of it.

    The ego desires the sentimental appearance of fairness from one's parents, however there aren't really any parent-to-child relationships that are fair or equitable. Life doesn't flourish in a level playing field. The name of life is struggling against profound unfairness.

    The “why” here doesn't matter much. It's not important why you and/or your kids aren't to her liking. Avoid wasting time “chasing the why” The honest answer from your mom is, “I just don't enjoy being around you all that much.”

    Remember that you're the prize here, not your mother. This is the mentality that you need to embrace.

    Your children deserve to spend time with those people who value them they most and respect them they most. Probably, that's not your mom. Seeing them once or twice a year is about all your mom is deserving.

    This isn't some kind of problem you somehow need to solve, nor is it a deficiency you need to somehow rectify. Inasmuch as she's just kind of a slightly crappy person who doesn't value putting effort into relationships with her grandchildren unless it gratifies her right now.

  3. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and looks like a duck odds are pretty solid it is a duck. Honestly just ditch this guy and get it over with. This relationship is over the moment you go to basic anyway so go ahead and rip off the band-aid. I promise if you are having problems now all going into the military is going to do is make it 1000 times worse.

  4. although I understand that maybe she should reflect on how she handled hearing the news in the beginning she has every right to be upset about the way the girl was acting throughout the trip like, did you even read it? why go on the trip if you’re just gonna be miserable and ruin everybody else’s time?

  5. I don't think this is lying at all. Not if the actual wording you used was that you couldn't go to Disneyland with them.

    Because, you couldn't. You already had plans to go with your GF. Plans that didn't include them.

    It's the same as telling someone you can't go to dinner with them, because you have plans, and then running into them at the same restaurant you've then your date.

  6. If she has a teen /preteen daughter, then yeah, you're either gonna need to cover up, or she and her child would be better off moving out if it's getting uncomfortable

  7. I don’t know if he is telling you what to do as much as clearly setting his boundaries as to what he is ok with.

  8. So sorry you are feeling down. You've been living with him for 6 years and want him to propose but he doesn't want any pressure? You are investing a lot of your time, almost all of your twenties in a man who still isn't sure. That may not be such a good idea. You should be investing in your own future which you somewhat control.

    I for sure wouldn't invest money in a house that isn't in your name. Are you unable to put it in both your names for your protection?

    I worked with a girl that was a secretary living with her boyfriend in his house and putting him through school. They got along fine until the week after he graduated when he announced he wanted some space and asked her to move out. I don't know if he was only using her to get through school and make his house payments but the timing sure made it look like that and everyone at work felt so sorry for her.

    Later he married someone he'd only dated for a year.

  9. I'd love it if my Wife thought up something like this. When someone goes through this much trouble to do something different, you shouldn't complain, but enjoy the fact that they thought of your relationship as something special enough to do this.

    And Twizzlers are an absolute must for movies…. Bought a big bag of them most of the movies I've been to.

  10. Weaponized Incompetence! This man needs clear boundaries and communication. Use I statements like “I can no longer bare all the responsibilities, I need things to change or I need to move on for my own sanity.” Don’t make it about him because that’s what he wants…. He wants to be the victim….

  11. Perhaps ask her how important sex is to her? then, depending on her answer, talk about how you feel about it or ask her if she's thought about sex, has any fantasies, etc.

  12. Hey, just to give you a different perspective on this, Judaism is a religion that puts an emphasis on correct practice over correct belief and also there's a strong tradition of arguing over Torah and what God asks in it (and even debating over God's existence) – atheism and Judaism aren't necessarily incompatible stances in some movements, though I'm hardly an expert.

    If you're inherently uncomfortable with the idea of religion in general, that's understandable; you two are incompatible. If you are not, begin some research, ask what his perspective on Judaism is (would he demand you convert orthodox, for example? Because that's pretty rigorous and you might want to bow out immediately and that would be entirely understandable), and see if there's a rabbi you'd be comfortable speaking with.

  13. I was once with a partner who told me being attracted to another person was cheating. I can see where she was coming from

    That's not a significant other, but the Orwellian Thought Police

  14. that “thing” people have where they understand that the other person has autonomy

    you mean respect for boundaries?

  15. Consider dumping her and finding someone who lives near you. Dating is a series of job interviews for your life partner, and it sounds like she's bombing it.. so just tell her it's over.

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