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  1. If you don’t tell this other girl that she was the other woman in an affair in a long-term relationship, you’re an even bigger asshole.

  2. it’s almost as if… she’s concerned for her friend. also she literally never asked for advice about dealing with or preventing their abusive marriage. she’s asking the sub if anyone else has experienced a specific thing and if there’s a term for the tactic. relax.

  3. You tell her that you're unhappy, and you see by her reaction whether she thinks that's a problem worth her effort to address.

    If what she wants is a servant, there are no magic words that will change her into someone who wants an equal partner.

  4. Sorry, but he wasn't into you enough to continue the relationship. His behavior is very clear about this. He just couldn't be an adult and tell you, so he ghosted you.

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