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  1. So, you committed to a household obligation without communicating to the other head of household. I'd be pretty pissed as well.

  2. she felt that we were both very close and she saw me as a very good friend


    i never spoke to her

    we talk here and there

    we’ve never hung out outside school just me and her and only once with some other friends

    So then…why did she think that?

    It sounds like you barley interacted with her at all and she is all like “but I thought we were besties 😭”

    i sound like a dick too for not considering her a good friend when she did me

    Just because she was apparently under the misapprehension you had a close relationship doesn’t mean you need to feel bad you weren’t actually close

    Not sure you did anything wrong here tbh 😐

  3. There are no excuses for his behaviour, and you should seriously think whether you want to stay with him.

    HOWEVER, had you gone to classes, you would have not only put your health at risk, but also that of your classmates and professor, which is NOT OKAY. Why couldn't you do a zoom class and attend that way?

    Please please please do not go outside among other people when you're sick!

  4. I said he shouldn't wait a year, but a month and the pressure is too much.

    So because he has 20-30 years she has to make a decision about the rest of her life in a month?

  5. Your husband wanted you to watch him have sex, wanted to turn to you for flirty kisses or even sex; but for colleague to then get his attention back directly and resume their sex or perhaps for colleague and him to start to have sex with you or for him to watch you and colleague kissing +++. All to turn him on even more and then he could steal you back. Likewise her husband was meant to be a supportive role to make his wife feel more desired and turned on. And then you, not understanding any of this, and feeling uncomfortable with group sex had solo sex with the husband. You and your husband both have reason to feel upset, and you definitely need to let him know that this entire thing was deeply uncomfortable for you. Do not let his narrative that you were “into” the husband be the focus. It’s not; the miscommunication should be the focus of all conversations from here forward. You and the husband are absolutely not having an affair, and he’s acting like that’s what this is or why he should feel upset.

    I do think that the role playing should have been MUCH more defined…. After all, if this is such a turn on for your husband he should have enjoyed talking about how he imagined it going, in explicit fantasy detail followed by passionate love making because all that talk got him so turned on. And this should have happened several times to reassure you of your role and how to go forward (and to decide if you even wanted to go through with it) to reassure you of his loyalty etc. Talk to him about that, about how you were confused, uneducated, nervous as hell, and obviously more comfortable (at the time) with 1:1 sex; and since that seemed to be the “chosen activity” at the time, you tried to go with it with the husband. And that you fully expected/hoped that once the intimacy had been “reached“ by everyone (not just him and colleague), and once everyone had loosened up more that someone would have started a new sex game and you were absolutely open to give all of this a solid try FOR HIM.

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