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Date: September 27, 2022

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  1. I’ve been in this situation, happened around the same age as well.

    It was the right thing to bring it up. Maybe not in that way/situation, but you needed to get it out and not have it weighing on you alone. Let your parents figure it out between themselves, do not get involved any further. You are the child, don’t let them drag you into their problems as they work this out.

    Lean on your siblings and close friends who you trust and know will support you.

  2. She’s asked him out to dinner repeatedly. There’s absolutely no risk to cutting her off completely if he set boundaries and she didn’t respect them.

    Please stop making out we as humans have to settle for inappropriate behaviour from coworkers outside of work in order to keep the peace in work. Absolutely no blowback will happen from him telling her to settle it down. Especially if he was uncomfortable.

  3. question- since you were living there Friday through Sunday (8 meals). Towels etc – how much money extra were you and boyfriend contributing to running apartment – now that your not there – you will save that money and s will miss it /s

  4. Ummm, you’re a bad pet owner at least in regards to the morning bathroom routine. How would you feel if you weren’t allowed to go to the bathroom until your boyfriend was done making his coffee, checking his emails, etc? A dog needs to be let out immediately in the mornings and must be played with/walked daily.

    A dog is a huge responsibility and requires lots of time and care. Take your boyfriend’s advice and step your game up.

  5. So you just walk around assuming every man is a rapist? Should men just walk around assuming every woman is a gold digger who just wants to ruin him? How does that make sense? Judging someone simply based on their sex.

  6. He ghosted you, during that time you went on a date. You didnt cheat.

    you owe him nothing.

    It does not matter if he feels if he can forgive you or not.

    You deserve a healthy and happy relationship and at your age, Im sure you can find a better future without him. Start living your life

  7. They have two adopted kids according to OP so I feel the logic of raising a kid that isn’t hers does not make sense.

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