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  1. Exactly. I guess it's that opening part I need and when to bring it up. The fact that I had to ask reddit is ridiculous because I'm making it a bigger a deal than it is. Lol

  2. My god OP, you're damn lucky Julia still gives you the time of day. I know this all started as a result of your dysfunctional upbringing but you've just carried on where your parents left off. You've been about as horrible to her as you possibly could. And when she was six, the only reason you didn't give her up for adoption was because it would show your true colours to your boyfriend. I hope he doesn't know about all this now because unless he's horrible too it would be the end of your marriage.

  3. This is either going to cost you the family you’re trying to make, or cost you the relationship with Amanda

    I do not see another option here

    You were there for Amanda and she is STILL mad.

    You literally put your relationship on the line to be there, your WIFE needed you and you were not there in her most vulnerable time during her life.

    I’m sure Amanda will have another wedding you will be able to attend, she sounds lovely

    Wake up

  4. I have a lazy eye, pretty bad/obvious one too. Nobody has made a big deal about it since primary school.

    If your friends really are that juvenile at 24, which would reflect poorly on you as well, then you all really ought to reflect on who you are. You've also got to stop pivoting your happiness around their opinions as well.

  5. Hey, I've been with ATT and have never known of a plan where you can't remove a line and create a new account with that phone and the same number. The original account owner has to “sign off” on it. That's it.

    So my first piece of advice would be to call ATT and inquire about that.

    Second piece of advice, if doable, is to get your own plans for anything shared with them. Phone, Ring, etc. Yes it'll strap you a little more for cash, but you'll have the freedom and autonomy you undoubtedly deserve.

    Good luck OP, and if you can keep us updated.

  6. Why is he only working PT? What is he doing the rest of the time? How the hell are you guys paying bills?

    Anyway, I think it’s important for both of you to have time away doing your thing. Maybe you take Saturday and sleep in and he handles the kids and you go meet a friend and Sunday is his? You can pump, right?

    I get so annoyed at how some men are all “I want kids!” but they only are around for the fun stuff and their life doesn’t change. They just kind of check in and are back to whatever they want. Grrrr.

    But if you haven’t been out or done anything for yourself in 3 years, that’s on you. Make it happen.

    I say send him in his fun weekend then plan one of your own.

  7. Although it’s easy to blame somebody for leaving you due to an illness, it’s hard to see how your illness affects them. It’s hot being a person’s support system and even harder when the condition affects their behaviour and mental health.

    I wouldn’t want to stay with somebody who was irritable, especially if they took it out on me. Despite the cause being your illness, you need to better get control of how you treat people. I know it’s not the same but I get crippling migraines. I used to berate and whinge at my other half for anything that made my migraines flare up or when I was experiencing one “you left the plug-in scent on and I got a headache”, “turn that light off now!”. I’d cry when he was going to work because he was abandoning me when I needed him. He sat me down and explained that I needed to get my actions under control as he was getting very upset by how I spoke to him. I realised my actions could be and had to be controlled, it’s hard but now when I find myself being irritable, I ask for space and try to calm down.

  8. Use your words. “Bob, I should have been more direct – I am not interested in a relationship with you, please stop contacting me.”

    And then block him on all platforms.

    Do you even know this guy in real life or did he just show up in your messages? (Maybe check your security/privacy settings if any old random person can message you like that.)

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