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  1. Exactly. I guess it's that opening part I need and when to bring it up. The fact that I had to ask reddit is ridiculous because I'm making it a bigger a deal than it is. Lol

  2. My god OP, you're damn lucky Julia still gives you the time of day. I know this all started as a result of your dysfunctional upbringing but you've just carried on where your parents left off. You've been about as horrible to her as you possibly could. And when she was six, the only reason you didn't give her up for adoption was because it would show your true colours to your boyfriend. I hope he doesn't know about all this now because unless he's horrible too it would be the end of your marriage.

  3. This is either going to cost you the family you’re trying to make, or cost you the relationship with Amanda

    I do not see another option here

    You were there for Amanda and she is STILL mad.

    You literally put your relationship on the line to be there, your WIFE needed you and you were not there in her most vulnerable time during her life.

    I’m sure Amanda will have another wedding you will be able to attend, she sounds lovely

    Wake up

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