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  1. OP there’s a scenario you may not have considered. You wrote that your ex is now married with a child.

    What happens if his wife discovers the emotional affair and she decides to contact your husband and let him know?

    Are you willing to take that chance? As others have written if your husband finds out on his own then your marriage will almost definitely be over. And if you don’t tell him you’ll be living with the fear that he’ll find out every single day for the rest of your marriage.

    Your choice. And whatever you decide, do better, or leave him before you really hurt him.

  2. Obviously I am seeing what others make of this behaviour. You are clearly triggered by what I've posted which is the whole point, I need to understand.

  3. Yeah I figured you were dyslexic. But unless you tell me, I just look like an asshole for correcting you don’t I?

  4. I’ve been with my husband for almost 11 years. He’s never called me a cunt ? I think that’s a red flag 6 months in to a relationship

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