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  1. Unfortunately you stated off in friends zone and continue to remain in friends zone according to him

    Life is risk and to if you feeling for him more than friend you should have told him Although it is always a risk but if you try you never know Now you are madly in love with him and at the same time wants to remain friends at least

    You should learn from this. People are not mind readers and if have feeling for someone let them know otherwise you miss the opportunity

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  3. Cool, if you stop playing FIFA and start having sex with other women, then she should be happier.

  4. The thing that worked for me back in the day was stopping to date or trying to meet people as a focus or priority.

    Focus on yourself. Do what you like and want and the people that should be in your life always find a way. Explore the things you like to do and you’ll meet like minded people like you. That’s how dating has worked forever but dating apps just created people menus and gave people extremely unrealistic expectations.

  5. Asexual means little to no sexual pleasure, and I am not asking for her to have sex with me. Perhaps I didn't make it clear enough, but she has been shutting down things like making out with me, which I usually enjoy. I am not pushing her to have sex with me, nor would I be ready for that

  6. And I really appreciate the support. I was doubting how I was doing things which is why I asked Reddit for advise. I needed the confirmation I was doing things right, and that I wasn’t making a bad decision. This is the first actual abusive relationship I’ve been in, and I had no idea how very hot it was to get out.

  7. Er – how is it cheaper on gas to drive home in the morning rather than the evening?

    Look, no one here can tell you if there's something going on with them. But what I can tell you is that you've got a lot of reasons to suspect that there is.

  8. Ok, agree to disagree. I don't find someone's sexual past to be “shocking” or a “difficult topic” but to each their own.

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