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Date: September 22, 2022

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  1. nah girl hes cheating lol. it doesnt matter if he just matches, just chats, or never sees them. bottom line is that you are not the only one for him or the only one he wants and he wants to keep his options open. it may start as tinder but trust me my love it will eventually escalate to “full blown cheating” – even though this is already cheating. the nature of tinder is that it finds you people near you to hookup with, its a dating app, not a social one.

    i left my ex for the same reason. and his exact words were “i was getting tired of looking at the same thing”

    pls do me a favor snd leave his ass. thats such a sorry thing to do as a man that has someone. that is only something someone should do when single. and i pray you find the strength to see why its so wrong and move on❤️

  2. This is exactly what I would love, but he doesnt have the same relationship with his family and doesnt understand the want I have to be with mine. He would rather do everything TOGETHER and thats why this is so hot.

    Thank you for commenting it helps me a lot seeing how other people deal with this

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  4. She did seek him out though. She invited him to her hotel room when she was in the same city as him and told him she’d be there and made plans with him. She actively seeked him out.

  5. He’s a walking bundle of insecurity, toxic pseudoChristianty and immaturity all tied up in red flags.

    You will not be happy with this man.

  6. I want my pictures off his phone and never to be taken again. I don't know if I'm in the wrong for wanting this.

    Are you nuts?… You gave him sexy photos and you're more than within your rights to withdraw them.

    Next time you see him, get his phone, delete them yourself, go to recently deleted and empty the trash.

    And then you should be considering if this the kind of partner you want to invest in. This relationship does not sound like a healthy environment that lifts you up, it's one that pulls you down.

  7. I mean, he and OP did a huge move after only being together/knowing each other for six months, so….

    Yeah, kind of. Sounds like dude does things that 'feel right' in the moment without much long term thought.

  8. There is little that you can do. She neds to work out why she feels tyhe way she does when people go out with friends.

    I suspect that it is related to her insecurity and need to control relationships so she does not get left out. Unfortunately you were the one who fulfilled her worse fears and left. She needs to work out how to deal with that.

    The problem for her is that her anxiety s creating a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you think something is going to happen, your behaviour affects the situation so that it really does happen.

    You left because she was anxious about you leaving.

    I suggests she sees someone and gets some professional help with this.

  9. Get confirmation from a real doctor before going forward. make sure you are safe and take it slow from here

  10. I know… so many red flags… idk why my brain is telling me I can help or I can fix them. I know I have to leave though, there’s no other choice

  11. Yeah for sure, it takes practice to get right. I don’t think my example was great but you get the point.

  12. She didn't threaten to cheat. She obviously put a lot of effort into her appearance and felt he was being ungrateful by rejecting her. Childish comment, yes, but it was driven by her hurt self-esteem, not an actual desire to fuck other guys.

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