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  1. r/survivinginfidelity and r/AsOneAfterInfidelity are great subs for people who want to handle infidelity, from either side of the scenario, r/SupportforWaywards is for people who have cheated to get advice and support.

    They all agree, full honesty is the only way forward. It's scary, but if you genuinely respect your husband, and want an honest and long lasting marriage. Go on, read the stories from unfaithful partners who lied and trickle-truthed, or from the partners they deceived.

    You know what you need to do. You made an awful choice, and now have to deal with the consequences.

  2. As a husband, if my wife told me truthfully that she did just as you had. I think I would feel some confusion at first, but ultimately would feel a sense of confidence and strength in our marriage, in the sense that she can come clean with me, that she is human and fallible and makes bad decisions but deep down is a honest and faithful companion, that she is motivated to put effort into our marriage.

    I am not condoning what you did or offering you vindication, but advising that if your relationship is worth anything to you both, you will confess, and you and he will work it out.

  3. He told me he loved me after a month (I told him I care about him but I am to guarded to say I love you so early on, he hasn't said it since).

    1 month in he barely knows you, this is all infatuation, not love….tbh, I'd be REALLY concerned about a 26 year old love bombing a teeanger.

    He is building a house and I have been involved in the process.

    Chances of you still being together in a few years are tiny…. you shouldn't be involved in this rpocess at all.

  4. Dude. And we have two cats together? I won’t take the bate in that one but dude. This could be a life changing, for the positive, change in your relationship. Get in on that.

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