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  1. There are a couple of things here: 1. He likely thought he was making you feel better. In his mind he took you from crying to enjoying yourself. You may have just learned how to make him feel better when he’s really upset. 2. Have a very clear conversation with him about how it went for you. That your past made you feel like you had to say yes and pretend like you were enjoying it. It’s nothing on him, it’s your past not his. Any future moment you need to feel like you can say no, and being open with him asap will help. He should apologize in that “it’s not your fault, but thanks for saying sorry” kind of way. 3. Please go get therapy. For yourself, for him, and for any future relationship or situation.

  2. Completely illegal and also an enmeshment that is extremely unhealthy for your mother and sister. Your mother is actually making your sister's condition worse by inserting herself rather than by removing herself from the equation entirely and forcing your sister to work it out. She is a very unwell woman.

    How is vacation 'whatever your mother plans'??? Honestly, rather than worrying about the details of your sister, mother, and niece you should focus on getting yourself away from those people.

  3. I would like to speak honestly with my sister about this, but my wife always asks me not to bring it up to avoid tensions. The only options I have left are to limit the time we spend there. We don't go over to my families place as often as we used to and I have been actively seeking jobs outside of the state in hopes to move somewhere further.

  4. Jup, we've talked about it multiple times wich is why he offered to stop texting her. I don't want him to do something like that because of me though.

    He doesn't meet her outside of work at all, so meeting her wouldn't work and I don't want to get to involved in his buissness

  5. Hmm. People are saying this is bad but i dont get it. He is happy with the life you have. And he is happy to get married if YOU need that. But he doesn’t care either way, he just likes being with you. And he really doesn’t care about some big expensive party, but again, he is willing to go along for the ride to make you happy. But he’s not footing the bill for something that means nothing to him.

    I dont care about a big expensive party. And if I was with someone who did, I would not pay for it either.

    This really comes down to, are you happy with him? Are YOU happy with this arrangement? Forget everyone else. This is between you and him.

  6. Well that’s a lie. Regardless, you paid. That’s enough right there. It’s called intent and the payment proves it.

    Either you’re a troll making this all up or just a terribly selfish partner trying to cover your tracks.

    This relationship is doomed buddy. Best to do the right thing and let her move on now so she can find someone who actually cares.

    You have 0.0 chance of this going away.

  7. I don't know if he knew it though, but doesn't change the fact. We went for dinner and parties with her friends, thought they were pretty nice people. Guess I was wrong, I think she hasn't talked to her since she discovered all this. Which btw the “friend” told my GF because she felt guilty, cause she had had sex with the guy 4 days earlier .

  8. OP

    Put the condom on for him the next time

    If you have never done it, hold it by the tip, place it on the head, and unroll it like you are putting on pantyhose

    I swear he must be unrolling it and then trying to put it on like it's a pair of latex gloves

  9. Every bit of your post and fishing for answers and cornering her makes me think that you need to take a long hot look at how you have a controlling personality in this relationship.

    Fundamentally when you ask her if she is lying then it’s already gone south. If you are in a relationship of mutual respect she shouldn’t have to tell you she’s going to bed when she wants to go out and smoke with her friends. You have to be okay with her hanging out with her friends—you are not her owner or her father. Conversely it sounds like she has to hide things but it appears to me she doesn’t feel safe to be honest with you.

    I know you’re controlling because of how you describe ‘I had a bad feeling’ so you turned back to drive back to her house and ‘the call was declined so I know her phone was on her’. What is your ‘bad feeling’?

    Honestly why are you with someone if it brings a yucky personality out?

  10. He wanted to trap you in marriage thinking you won't have the courage to divorce his sorry ass. That was intentional.

  11. It sounds like she’s making extremely arbitrary decisions. She is actually not respecting you, and not thinking about how you feel, and it would be best to confront her about this. If she’s willing (some people are not) it would probably help a lot to see a relationship councilor

  12. First, it sounds like there's more going on with her that she wants to escape her life and that has turned into a dependance problem.

    Honestly having had a fake ID, by the time I was legal, all I wanted was to be able to buy my own beverage and take it home and listen to some tunes on the balcony and have a drink. lol Going out was the fun, not the getting drunk part.

    By the time I was 29 (barring the disaster that was the day after my birthday party. Never again the appletini times!) it was a glass of wine with dinner on occasion and the random bbq.

    That said – I have a 50 year old cousin who still parties like she's a teen with a fake ID. lol Out for drinks at the clubs every weekend and some weeknights. I'm not sure how she functions, tbh, but she does. I think that the club scene has just as much of a draw as the alcohol for her, now. But i don't know that she could separate the two anymore. She's been doing this nearly every weekend for over 30 years. If your GF decides she doesn't want/need help, and wants that life, you need to decide if you want along for the ride.

  13. I would approach it from a “I'm worried about you” angle. Smelling like urine could be a sign of a UTI, which can be very serious if he doesn't get it checked.

  14. That's why you both need to have a conversation to get on the same page about what constitutes cheating. Hard to hold people accountable when there are two rule books. Make your rule book together.

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