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  1. Unless you're actually fucking his asshole. Then, who knows, maybe a good pegging will straighten out his brain.

  2. You don't really think you're being too demanding to want a bf with whom you have a real relationship? You really don't think this is you not trying naked enough, or expecting to much? Perhaps consider that this is the man you are with, and he is not likely to change (and he sounds super boring if he works so much and can't be arsed to do things you want, ever), and make your plans accordingly?

  3. That’s not a best friend, that’s a crutch.

    My fiance had a best friend like this when we first started dating. Insisted they were best friends when in fact they had a FWB arrangement whenever they were single. I told them, “You must think I’m stupid if you think I’m going stick around while you parade your backup plan around as your best friend. Either she goes or I go.” So-called best friend was immediately blocked that night and we never looked back.

    Of course your girlfriends hated it. They must have felt like the crazy ones everytime you explained how it was just a unique type of best friend arrangement.

  4. Just because she has chronic pain and depression gives her no right to emotionally abuse you like this. I think something more is going on like BPD or something.

  5. Girl you cannot keep living like this because it isn’t. He is manipulative, abusive and all this will get worse the longer you pet this off.

  6. It is not a serious relationship, she is playing cougar way to early in life, her midlife crisis is going to be very interesting, you are teenager, you are a cub to her a toy boy if you will. Report your car stolen, find a room to live in focus on your studies and date from your age range.

  7. You're 19, he's 32. You're living together after only 7 months together and he's trying to make you feel shitty about yourself. How many more red flags do you need??

  8. Do you know how iMessage works? If they both have iPhones, there is no reason for her text not to go through unless she’s been proactively blocked. It’s not rocket science. If she’s blocked it’ll not say delivered. It’s pretty obvious and there isn’t really an alternative reason as to why.

    An iMessage not going through (without an error appearing) is 100% proof she was blocked.

  9. Exactly. If there’s a Nazi at the table and nine other people sit with them, you have 10 Nazis at the table.

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