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15 thoughts on “ShellaPolandyslive sex stripping with hd cam

  1. This is really difficult and I’m sorry you are dealing with it. I’m sure she’s very embarrassed and maybe in denial about what is going on. This is most likely something she does not want to talk or think about, and she probably has a lot of shame, which is why she lied about the towels.

    You will want to be as loving, caring and supportive as possible when you address it. Start by asking for information because you noticed her butt wasn’t fully clean, being as neutral as possible when you speak. This could be a symptom of a health condition that she isn’t aware of or is trying to pretend doesn’t exist, or it could also be a sign of childhood neglect or abuse. Maybe no one taught her how to properly clean herself. There are far stranger things that happen in what appear to be “normal” families.

    This kind of sensitive and nuanced conversation is really above Reddit’s pay grade. It’s worth your time and money to talk to a professional ASAP. If your job has something like an Employee Assistance Program, there’s usually free counseling and you can talk to someone on the phone. Even a mental health hotline in your area or your health insurance advice line would be possible resources for help having this conversation.

    You can be the caring partner who helps her understand what is happening and get over this. You aren’t there to fix her or save her though. She has to do her own work and you get to set clear boundaries.

  2. Ask her. “Hey gf, when you say you dont want to work, what's the plan for that? Are you going to build your business so you can retire with an income? Or were you hoping to be a stay at home wife?”

    Now is the precise time to find out. What you do with that info is up to you, but dont go forward here assuming anything

  3. My boyfriend literally just did this to me. We had a conversation about it and we set the boundaries again and he has even said if he messes up again, he wants me to break up with him.

    I totally loved the idea of making our own porno, and my own porn pics ect. Honestly we haven’t skipped a beat since I’ve done this for him.

  4. Yeahhh… I’m gonna be honest I do not trust your judgement. It’s very convenient how none of this ended up being your fault and it’s all on the wife. And the fact that you hoped baby trapping your ex would get her to stay with you and commit when she made clear that’s not what she wants. Stop being delusional

  5. Giggliness is everything. She didn't know you were there but was giggling and saying something outright flirtatious. No need to stay with this man

  6. Even though the one in OP's post did have a set menu, no, not all of those restaurants will have one, which shows that you don't really know what you're talking about. But even so, there is nothing wrong in asking the waiter for a small tweak to the recipe in a set menu, to accommodate your needs. It's just food, anyway.

    Also, a tire company handing out food awards in an elaborate marketing ploy to get people to travel more and change tires often totally ensures a classy experience and a higher price. How do people fall for something like that this easy?

  7. You have a suspicion. Your gut tells you something is amiss.

    Do you destroy your family because of your suspicion, or do you do the work required to find facts?

    You can “trust your gut” and ruin what may be a faithful and honest relationship. You can be gullible and pretend it could never happen to you, or you can choose a 3rd option and choose to do some due diligence.

    Nanny cam, review credit card statements, do you use a shared family plan for your cell phones? Can you leave for work and the return home unexpectedly? Like a lazy cop you won’t crack a case unless the bad guy literally confesses.

    You need to learn very hot facts. Then ask questions that you know the answer to. Does he lie? Do the facts show this?

    Right now you have paranoia and suspicion. That is enough to motivate you to find out facts.

  8. Yes, the person who posted is free to look up the laws pertinent to their own area, but i would venture to guess that many US states have similar laws that dont let bio dads voluntarily abdicate parental rights to avoid paying child support.

  9. I'm trying to do in person therapy, but in the place where I live! it's really nude to. It's a long line of people waiting.

  10. Couples counselling then separation, not the other way around.

    And individual counselling for both of you. I’d start the individual therapy first, then a week or two later the couples counselling. But make the appointments now.

    Now if she’s talking about a week or two apart so you can each take some time alone, maybe that would be okay.

    If she pushes the separation, then maybe you are not insecure this time.

  11. I’m so happy I could have helped. My ex was very covert, yours seems rather overt. If he cares a lot about image and appearances and is willing to go to such great lengths to create a facade of being loaded, there’s unlikely much in the way of substance behind that. Those are some trash values. Selfish too. Willing to lie to his fiancée and mooch off his brother just to perpetuate a facade and show off? What good person would ever do that without guilt making it impossible? No good person would! I know breaking off an engagement and that sunken cost is so very hot, I did the exact same thing as you, broke off an engagement, we were together 5 years, it was rough at first and he tried so naked to win me back but looking back I’m so glad I didn’t fall for it. I don’t regret my decision. I’m married now to a guy who’s not a narc, who brings out the best in me. You can do it. Just don’t get that house with him, take your 150k, put it in some good GICs, and run!

  12. Is this a troll post?

    > he says one of them is extremely sick in bed though (the girl) so he couldn't bring her out the house he said sorry and said that he'll definitely come over later in the day when the kids parents get back.

    You wanted him to:

    Wake up an extremely sick child. Take the extremely sick child and the other child out. To your house to visit you because You're lonely?!

    You are absolutely selfish! He had a valid responsibility (caring for the children), and you should have been understanding. He sounds much more mature than you.

    >So yeah he was telling the truth after all, but even just a 10 minute visit would of been fine he could have kept the kids in the car or something.

    Leave a sick child waiting in the car because YOU are selfish and clingy?

    My advice:

    Break up with him. Or don't. He'll do it for you soon.

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