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  1. Personally, I'm 35 and have had 3 children. I've had to whip out my breast to feed a human in situations I've never dreamed of- you kind of start thinking of them in a much more utilitarian sense once you've done that. In my boring circles, breasts are just a part of the body that shouldn't be treated as something obscene.

    They still have their place in sex, of course and playing with them is a guaranteed pleaser with men… But it's kind of wild to me that you believe all women you've been with were getting something out of it.

  2. Do not believe what he is promising now. Please reach out to your support system, I can promise you at least one person will accept you reaching out to them for help. You need to get away from him before his behavior worsens and he seriously ends up hurting you or your baby. I would also suggest getting a restraining order against him.

  3. Possibly yes, I would be very open with her about how I feel. It wouldn't be easy but I definitely could ask.

  4. It’s certainly manipulation. Her next step will be to feign chest pain if you make an attempt to stand your ground.

    Source: I’m a paramedic and it’s astonishing how many people will actually call an ambulance just to put on a show after a disagreement.

  5. Are you sure you actually want different things? While the two things you mention are different, they could be on the same side of the coin if you research where to live!.

    Just because he wants to be where he can hike and fish, doesn’t mean there can’t be a support system.

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