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Date: September 21, 2022

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  1. Don't buy a lot of food…or no food at all for a day or two…eat whatever is in the fridge…keep the fridge empty and buy just enough for yourself for dinner…keep snacks in your room. Eventually he will get the hint. There's no point taking to him because he doesn't respect you. Get a storage container and put your expensive dishes away. He just doesn't care.

  2. Could he have gave some to a friend in need of some fast or couldn’t afford? Could it be as simple as him and his buddies messing around and filling them with what’re or air or something it could be cheating or it could be lots of other things best thing to do is talk to him

  3. That's sweet.

    My husband and I gave up trying to surprise each other with gifts after our second year together.

    My only rule is – don't ask me to wrap my own present.

  4. The specific trigger for her ultimatum was inane. The ultimatum was expressed immaturely, in a way that directly hurts your family, and she gave you all of 2 mins before she was ready to go.

    Bitch, it’s naked for you? What about for that poor teenage girl?! You were doing right by your sister, IMO family comes first. She’s not even your wife yet and already making you prioritize her over your immediate family. While that family is having a literal mental health crisis.

    My background is in EMS where a lot of our patients are mentally altered, this frankly sounds like a medical emergency. And she is ready to leave you after a couple months of this. That’s who you’re going to make things work with, for a LIFE TIME?! What if you develop mental health problems? This shit is often genetic dude. Will she bail on you after 2 months, too?

    You’re about to marry someone who deals with stressful, life or death situations like an adolescent. This could end with your little sister dead, and your fiancé made it about her in less time than it takes to find a decent provider/therapist.

  5. It's not that my childhood was the worst, it's just that I had a very hot time sharing my life with my grandparents, I just was not able to tell them what was happening in my life !

  6. Its always easier to focus on yourself alone. This person is not healthy enough for an adult relationship with stressors.

    Also get an STD test.

  7. That's my thought there's a thing about wanting privacy but this is a situation where he can literally supervise what she is doing on his devices and change any needed passwords afterwards.

  8. Why would you propose to your bf that’s so dumb. Also he wants to put your kid in a cult or who knows. There’s gotta be more red flags than just this.

  9. Yelling should not be tolerated in a healthy relationship. Step away, cool off, come back and communicate like adults.

  10. A lot of good perspectives here. Big one: the domestic abuse numbers are too high to ignore on people in this profession.

    The one thing I kept thinking about, though, aside from the danger of being with someone who does this job, was who goes to a police academy in a different state? Like, if he planned to be a cop in Texas, okay, that makes sense, but if he planned to be one where you online, he’d go to an academy in your state. It’s not like regular college where you go look for a program you like. They do state-specific stuff in each academy. There are state-specific laws and approaches they learn. That’s the most absolutely suspicious part of this.

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