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Date: September 26, 2022

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  1. Just do a paternity test with both you and your husband with her. Find out that way you at least know. Regardless she's stillborn daughter and I'm sure you love her.

  2. My girlfriend is indeed in therapy and there's lots of talking about her issues between us too. Unfortunately we also have problems with mental support and she was on a waiting list for almost a year. She's been in therapy for 9 months now and there are many positive changes, but I can't expect from her to resolve all issues immediately. There's no need to assume I cater to all my girlfriend's issues all the time based on one post, but I get what you mean.

  3. Do you mean to tell me that you started a relationship with a much older guy who was already married, and left his wife for the younger woman (you), and then he suddenly turned out not to be a great partner??

  4. Make a list of every other relationship you have ever had, friends, family. Then start listing every good thing about every single one of them. Eventually you will stop thinking about her so much.

  5. This is NOT an unsurmountable problem…but it's definitely a problem.

    I guess i'm not necessarily understanding WHY you have a problem with being more assertive. Were you raised by a feminazi or something? Or is it really just not your personality?

    Because if it's a “you were raised that way” thing, you can change that if you really want to…and might even like the end result.

    But if it's not your personality, then this will only ever get worse. Ya'll are not compatible.

    And it's also concerning how DEMEANING and disrespectful her comments to you are. A woman who doesn't respect her man is almost certainly cheating on him already or will be soon if she hasn't yet.

    So even if you can change and adapt to what she wants, i'm not sure it's worth it. Might be time to do a bit of investigative snooping into what she does when you ain't around.

  6. Why would it be too harsh? Your quote is essentially spot on. People who are interested don't just disappear for weeks. Either way, unfollowing/unfriending and deleting their number doesn't block communication. Nothing's stopping them from reaching out, but realistically, you shouldn't be wasting time on people who've shown you that lack of interest until they reappear a period of time later likely out of loneliness.

  7. This is the worst analogy ever.

    Going to disneyland compared to getting hurt by your husbands pursuit of new pussy.

    I can't believe this is the hill you're willing to die on.

  8. Yes and I don't really get any straight answers, I've gotten bits and pieces here and there, but he struggles to open up

  9. The frequent travelling and visits are my choice but I'm starting to realise it's not sustainable to keep doing it so often like you say.

    We have talked about this and she agrees. I should be saving up to move closer to her or vice versa as she is planning to move to a new city for a while now.

    She has her own home – the reason may seem a bit strange as to why i haven't been there yet but it's because she's had bad experiences in the past when letting people in her home. It's her only safe place and I can understand why she needs more time before letting me in.

  10. I did the report her she was fired and my boss apologized on her part and she was kicked out of the hotel and was sent home immediately (the company pays for the rooms and the flights I had to pay for my wife and kids flight tickets but our hotel room was free) I didn’t add this cause I’m only focused on my wife and trying to get her to trust me again.

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