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Date: September 23, 2022

11 thoughts on “Sofie Cakes

  1. I don't give a fuck anymore, I don't have to defend myself. Deal with it however you want. It's my gender identity and my sexual preference. Be straightphobic all you want, babes. Later.

  2. I think you could just go and talk to him calmly and explain your side of the situation. Try and keep your cool i know it's difficult. If you need any help or want to vent I'm there:)

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  4. So what advice are you looking for? The only advice I’d give you is to get a vasectomy so you don’t impregnate any other women. Also, don’t ever commit to a woman again. That way, you’ll be free to chase any women you want. I feel so sorry for your wife. Hope she does better next time.

  5. Mom here. Mom from Florida. Unless you are willing to stay in Ohio, this relationship is a no go. Do you want kids? Because that’s another 21 years at least. You want different things.

  6. Why are they suspicious? They occurred after rather then before the text about the mothers work schedule changing.

  7. How can you determine that in such a short time, too?! I have underwear older than your relationship! Ffs, lady, what are you doing? This isn't how you keep your kid safe. I think he's sensing something you aren't.

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