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Date: September 29, 2022

9 thoughts on “Sonja_2001 the hard live sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. You shut down her attempts to communicate about the house, then act all surprised she just did it without telling you anything else. (As you told her to do.)

    Then your surprised isn’t opening up to you? Your username is literally the most ironic I’ve ever seen. The fact that you chose it is a massive red flag. You are not patient. You are not even tolerant. She has one foot out door for all the reasons you tried to use to justify yourself. Finally. Her body, her choice. You refused any birth control option on which you participate in any way. Of course she’s being responsible! Why would she discuss it with you when you already made your choice without her input?

  2. Your asshole professor ledyou on, and gave you just enough reinforcement that your brain fixated on it. Intermittent reinforcement is a powerful drug. If you want to keep wishing you slept with an asshole who intended nothing toward you except his individual titillation, that's your perogative, but perhaps cut through your language of personal guilt & self-flagellation & focus those thoughts on the asshole professor?

  3. Jesus, don't do this OP. This is terrible advice. Love bombing is abuse. Telling somebody that you love them every night isn't abuse, unless it also comes with a bunch of other red flag behaviours. Google love bombing to learn what they are, but even if there's a match asking someone “why are you abusing me” is never going to go well.

  4. Guy here

    Sex with someone you legitimately love >>> sex with someone you don't give a shit about (even if it's conventionally “better”)

    Don't sweat it so much ??

  5. Someone to take care of him, his house and his progeny. He was told he's the man of the house. Check. He was told he deserves a wife that takes care of him. Check. He was told he needs to have kids, because that's just what you do. Check.

    But he possibly didn't want all that, it's just what he's heard since childhood, so that's what he acquired.

  6. She sounds inconsiderate. Yes. But you don't have to say anything.

    You can let her know that her actions have affected you negatively. If you want an apology, She may not give one.

    Or you can stop being friends with someone you feel does inconsiderate things, and you can tell her you don't wish to be friends.

  7. So maybe this is my man hoe showing, but from the man's side there's so many things you can do to change the sensation to make it feel “tighter” or “looser”

    There's also some possibly uncomfortable questions that can add context, is he average/below average in size? Do you get.. well lubricated? (Feels like there's no way to ask these in a normal way)

    There's different positions, angles and techniques to do, saying you're too loose to feel good just feels… Unimiginative.

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