❤, Make Me Tremble❤ [GOAL MET]

Date: September 24, 2022

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  1. She's an attention seeker, and as long as you continue to give her attention, she will thrive on it. But whilst this happens, you cannot heal. My advice is to block her, and help yourself mentally. She isn't thinking about you here, just her own ego. She doesn't love you or want you, she just another man's attention because it makes her feel good. Doesn't matter that it's cruel. Move on. Block her. x

  2. He’s continuing to lie to you. Why would your trust that he hasn’t cheated on you cause it’s not his style? Lying is though! Why would he talk to your former bff that is suspicious in itself. Girl your better off without him you deserve better.

  3. I love this. Thank you. This is why I came to reddit. We started discus this tonight and we’re going to talk about how we action it together.

  4. Going to this event is still not more important than your relationship.

    ‘Honey, I am really trying to turn over a new leaf here. I’m really sorry that trying to be ‘right’ all the time has hurt you and our relationship. I am concerned that if we take the train we’ll get caught up in a strike and will miss the event. I leave it to you to decide what we do. I support your decision either way because I love you.’

    You gf sounds beyond fed up. You need to give a long think – do you want to go to events alone? Because that is where this is heading.

  5. I am 25F, he is 30M. We met in August of 2020, got married in June of 2022. We online in NYC. He works in finance and I am a nurse and back in school for my masters.

    I agree with you. He’s gone on most of his vacations solo, only twice with me since we’ve met. He goes on a solo vacation every two months which I get that he has the money for, but I would like to go on more vacations with him than he goes solo.

  6. Sis, you seem like a lovely person and that man draining the joy out of you. The trash took itself out. Go hang out with your friends, pick up a new hobby and find you a new man. Next time you see these same red flags, run.

  7. One piece of advice you are going to get is that if you want to 'move past this', she is going to have to change jobs. You will never feel safe in the relationship if she remains in contact with her affair partner / co-worker.

  8. Why you don’t date crazy yes the sex is good but your mental health will suffer. You may wake up to a knife at your throat happened to a friend of mine. His words and I quote she’s batshit crazy but god damn is the sex good and she is great in her good days end quote. He married her ass was married 2 years he woke up one day to her holding a knife to his throat and did cut him some not deep enough for stitches but enough to wake him up. He divorced her paid 6 months rent left on their lease and said cya. She got 75k from the divorce and that was it.

  9. Good for you enjoy being single. Do something for yourself to make you happy. I did after after a painful break up.

  10. Good for you enjoy being single. Do something for yourself to make you happy. I did after after a painful break up.

  11. Without permanent medical intervention this will be a perennial problem. Nothing wrong with not wanting to sign up for a lifetime of this. Trying to be selfless here will do no one any favors, you'll be bitter and she'll be…something.

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