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Date: September 30, 2022

10 thoughts on “Sophia-ross on-line sex chats for YOU!

  1. that’s what i’m thinking like what she was doing on hinge was fairly mild.. at least for a hookup app. she started crying and swore it was a mistake and she won’t do it again but my trust in her is damaged

  2. Dude…she broke your trust in ever possible way yet your thing forgive her?

    Please just break up and move on your still young and there will be some day someone who genuinely loves you and don't need to be 24/7 watch so she don't cheat on you.

    And Remember her first reaction was blaming shifting her one year affair on you because and I quote ” wasn't available enough for her”

    She is now saying everything just to make you stay for whatever reason but it not love.

    I would tell her

    “look, you cheated on me for a year and now wanna tell me your sorry? You are sorry because I found out! Let be adults I break up with you so you can keep your relationship with your “teddy bear” “

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  4. If it’s child porn then regardless of whether he is finally convicted or not, he had it on his phone so he is morally guilty

    Not necessarily, someone could send you cp via reddit rn and you would have it on your phone even if you are not guilty morally. If the cops have his device and he's still not locked up they probably found something ambiguous in his phone and are trying to determine if there's guilt or not.

  5. Thanks so much about your effort and your reply… I believe there is a fine line about contacting exes though. He let her know to check and that should be the end of the story. No need to mention me or give feedback about our relationship… But I get your point. One question, is he is always going to be a carrier? Because he recieved treatment.

  6. Sounds like a lot of internalized misogyny on her part. Does she believe that all women should only want sex for procreation? You both need to go to therapy asap. Don't marry her until she changes the way she talks to you. This is verbal abuse.

  7. Umm RUN. Some men don't show their true nature until their partner is pregnant. He thinks he has you trapped now. A man that wields a knife on you and says he's going to cut you, doesn't love you, that goes double since you're pregnant.

  8. I had an affair at 20 with my previous husband (I'll be 40 this year). I have been honest in my relationships after him about it. And I never ever would cheat again. I spent years trying to make up for it. My ex and I are still friends and a lot happened after I cheated with him.

    I guess circumstances are a good thing to ask. But once a cheater always a cheater is bs. I would never cheat on my current spouse. And in the 10 years following with my ex I never cheated again.

  9. I would say this probably is coming from a place of insecurity. Do these “episodes” happen often? Sounds like she might be anxious. Lots of people are jumping to tell you to breakup, but if you’ve been together for three years it seems ridiculous to me to breakup with someone because they had some anxiety and couldn’t sleep.

    The answer here is therapy. Let her have the space she wants or whatever and then have a conversation. I would gently suggest she seeks some help. If she refuses, and the behavior continues, then I would re-evaluate the relationship.

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