Squishy Booty


ITS SQUIRTEMBER| LUSH IN +5 | 1st Shot 777 | 11 SPANK ME | 22 222 22222 LOVE ME

Date: September 22, 2022

9 thoughts on “Squishy Booty

  1. I mean he obviously open to cheating, be a good person and save her from the drama and heartbreak later on. He don’t need to be in a relationship. Also gives a pretty great vindictive effect, that’ll help with your closure. My toxic ass roots on your ex and her “friend” fucking around in the near future?

  2. This is way too much to put up with over a 2 month old relationship.

    Oh and she made out with another person at the very least and didn’t call you until morning. I call bull on it being a peck.

    Bail out.

  3. Define being distant and define how much time you spend with friends vs her.

    Because it kinda sounds like she’s right here. Maybe this relationship has just run it’s course.

  4. oh god, is it really?

    i already had essentially zero faith in humanity, but if true, somehow I now have even less

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