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Date: October 2, 2022

10 thoughts on “Ssunnnyy live sex chats for YOU!

  1. You've described a one sidedly best situation for you .. Not her. If she leaves… She shouldn't have to “keep paying” Is she on the lease? Ask her if she wants to get signed off the lease. If she says no then you're stuck for a couple months. Big deal… Replace her after. If she's not on the lease, then start head hunting.

    Step 1. Start looking for a replacement that fits your desires, COMMUNICATE that this is something you are doing.

    Step 2. Keep her posted on how far you are in the process of replacing her. (This gives her ample time to figure out her new living situation… Where she goes and what new best friend she finds is none of your business)

  2. r/lostredditors

    But you want some advice? You want to host raves in the basement? Don't have a pet. They are incredibly loud and filled with strangers. Cats are timid by nature. This is about the worst situation for the cat.

  3. I’ve found that with situations like this the person who acts like a child will end up losing in the long run. As time goes on, a consistent effort to be there for your son and care for him when you can will do wonders. It further proves why you left in the first place. You could also argue that a good mother wouldn’t put their son against his own father.

    One question I have, why does she have full custody? Why aren’t you splitting time 50/50? If you do have 50/50, it’s important you have one one one time with your son and explain things in a way a 5 year old can understand.

    This process is never easy and I wish you the best. Don’t give in to a woman that is holding YOUR own son over your head.

  4. How do you love someone and yet not want them long term after breaking their home?

    Please before loving someone next time, love yourself.

  5. Just straight sexism. Women aren’t a nothing “species” for future reference. So if you want to call someone dumb, at least have your science correct.

  6. You're 21 yrs old. I don't know if you'll leave this jackass or stay with him but I can pretty much guarantee that by the time you're 25 or maybe 30 yrs old you will be looking back and wondering why on Earth you put up with this negging, abusive piece of shit for a single day. Trust me.

  7. Well… everything was fine until Thursday night. Then she went to a club with her friends and I didn’t really like it. Friday Saturday and Sunday her mom came to her house to spend the weekend with her and we didn’t speak at all and from sunday night she was a bit distant. From what i can understand she is feeling insecure and she doesn’t know if the relationship was a good idea. When we were talking about taking a break she kept telling me, though, that she didn’t want to break up and that she loved me. I’m just scared and confused, mostly at myself atp…

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