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  1. Not really, but more like you end up in a dysfunctional relationship that might reinforce your negative feelings about yourself. It's naked to have a healthy relationship if you don't like yourself.

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  3. Listen to your gut feelings. You are doubting because you say you feel immature. This the reason for waiting.

    How do your parents feel about this. They haven’t met him to see what kind of man he is. You yourself don’t know him at all. ‘Have you been going out with other boys before him?

    The red flag is the pressure to get married. Why the rush? Because he’s getting older?

    He tells you he wants you to continue your education but he prefers a non working woman.

    You don’t know nothing about him. What his character is in real life. How he’ll deal with stress and problems and with a wife that will not say and do what he’d like you to do.

    You ‘ll be getting a big surprise. The honeymoon phase will last only for a while then reality will kicked In.

  4. No. This is a new relationship. You see what he allows you to and you barely know him. When you have seen the good, bad, ugly and are talking about marriage and a prenup then mention it.

  5. How come is a pregnant woman allowed to change her opinion on pregnancy but the same isn't always granted to a father who may be initially against keeping the child?

    You blocked him. The right thing back then was to inform him that he is a father. He was a teenager trying to come to terms with potentially becoming a father. Of course he is annoyed at you. You robbed him of a chance to be a father. To love his kids. Yes, yes, his initial reaction wasn't great but it doesn't mean he wouldn't change his mind over time. You robbed him of over a decade with his own children. To even know they exist. Not once have you tried to reach out to see if he changed his stance?

    Apologize to him. Ask your children if they wish to meet their father. Whether you want it or not, he may go after you to establish paternity and custody. It will not look pretty in court that you denied him being a father for so long. Unless he was abusive and dangerous, the first reaction is really not the most representative of what is in the best interest of the child.

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