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Date: September 30, 2022

10 thoughts on “steph_limalive sex stripping with LIVE Cams

  1. If he's sorry for going off the rails and just got lost in his head and in his vices and understands what he did was fucked maybe consider staying?

    Obviously he isn't.

  2. Lol. He's making sure OP thinks his wife is the problem on why they can't be together. The husband had an entire fantasy emotional affair with OP here.

  3. He needs trauma therapy for sure. It's your choice whether or not to stay with him through it. If you feel you can safely be in a relationship with him given his unresolved trauma, then stay. If not, end things romantically. You can always reconnect once he's healed from his trauma. I'm sorry this happened to both of you.

  4. Well, he can start by setting a fixed amount of hours per day/week to game. You need a calendar to schedule things for you to do on. Hang it up in the kitchen. Remind him a couple days in advance. If he gives you a very hot time, or flat out flakes come the time, then he isn't going to change.

  5. Your boyfriend is full of doo-doo up to his ears. Yeah, men don't get approached by women in bars. Suuuure they don't. That's the most common way people meet!!

    He is jealous and insecure, and he actually sounds like he plans to cheat on you, and because he knows that's what he's going to do, he assumes you will do the same thing.

    You don't need an insecure little boy like this. You need a grown man who is secure enough to trust the woman he professes to love. Drop this loser and go on and on-line your best life!

  6. they are extremely off putting indeed, i don’t know if he says it knowing it will stick with me for a long time, or maybe he wants that and he wants me to work on it, but it’s still discouraging since it’s always been something i’ve worried about even before him lol. he is very affectionate towards me though, i have no doubt that he loves me greatly, he is extremely vocal about all of that and when we’re not having those sort of conversations/arguments it’s seldom brought up, and he is instead very complimentary.

    i don’t know if i’m going too deep into it cos he’s not the type of person to be intentionally malicious like this, but i can’t help but feel as though he does those things without me, knowing that it’s stuff i would ordinarily be up for doing, like going on walks, playing video games, stuff like that, and i feel like he does that to spite me and get to me, almost like a “fuck you for not being ok enough for this” but i think that’s just my head fucking with me a little lmao.

    but i do appreciate that, i’ve had to be almost entirely self reliant on getting better over years, i’ve never had support from family or friends so i’m used to not relying on anyone, if it wasn’t for keeping myself going i would be dead so i’m not gonna switch it up anytime soon lol, the last thing i would want is to burden him, it’s a lot to put on someone really

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