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  1. You could also tell her you would avoid her on those days. You don’t have to be her punching back. My periods are not moody, but my roommate’s are, so I stay away from her when she’s like that.

  2. As someone who's been through this, courts are VERY aware of all the fuckery parents do towards each other. Parental alienation is very much an established thing, and there are plenty of professionals who specialize in dealing with the damage. It's not just about custody. I've seen the courts put an order of non-disparagement in place, then watched a mom be held in contempt for violating it. Court-mandated therapy, requiring y'all to communicate through a family app that records everything, established call schedules, the list goes on.

    You are not alone in dealing with this. There are plenty of us who felt the same hopelessness when we turned to the court but came out the other side with well-adjusted kids even with the high-conflict coparent still in the picture. At least consider finding a lawyer for a simple consult on possible options. If the lawyer charges a fee, it's usually a couple hundred or less.

    Also, your ex won't say it directly, but she is afraid of being replaced. All your happy moments with your gf are her loss. Right now, the simplest method for dealing with your situation is to talk it out and agree on boundaries for both of you when it comes to your child and new partners. Your child doesn't need a new mom. He needs his parents' undivided attention right now. Making sure he remains your focus might help reduce your ex's animosity.

  3. Thank you for validating how serious this feels. I booked a ticket to my moms house and am getting the fuck outta here.

  4. Poor dude. I would text him how he is doing. He is probably super embarrassed and you're most likely not going to see him again. But maybe he can lift a little embarrassment after having a conversation about it. He might not respond as well. But it's worth a shot.

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