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  1. Don’t be like me…..20 years in a marriage with a guy who started acting like this in our 5th year of marriage and I stupidly stuck it out for another 15 years. There was collectively 5 years in marriage therapy with him promising to “be better”….yet he never was. Now I’m with a man who know me, loves me, supports me. I’m sorry sweetie, but get out now, there’s a guy out there who will love you the way you DESERVE to be loved

  2. Either you have a doppelganger or you've been posting this multiple times? She picked it up from someone and you luckily didn't catch it yet. As long as she's blaming you she doesn't have to admit what she did, so she doesn't stop.

    Don't bother with revenge – just break up with her and move on.

  3. Dear god, that post history… Thanks for the reminder to always check OPs profile before getting all worked up reading some post.

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