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Date: September 23, 2022

9 thoughts on “SureCakes

  1. Ok- this IMO is one of 2 things- he’s getting off on watching porn like that- and he thinks he can deal with it IRL- or- he wants an out- that he can use later. Be very careful with this. I think a few long conversations would help- but if you don’t want to- don’t do it.

  2. Not sure what more needs to be said about the situation. OP has a dog he's not exercising enough, that he admits in his own words is “crazy” and “hyper”. He has a newborn on the way, and this dog has already torn apart furniture in their home (from a prior post he made).

    There is nothing to compromise here. The dog is dangerous. A child's welfare comes first. Parenthood requires sacrifice, and if OP can't put the safety of his future baby over the desire to keep his uncontrollable dog, he shouldn't be a parent.

  3. I’m so sorry for your experience and I’m glad you’ve gotten better.

    As much as I didn’t get the closeness I needed from my parents I hardly blame them anymore. A part of me believes they are human and they had shitty lives too but unfortunately for them they had kids involved. Imagine trying to have to put your shit together and a child is involved it’s a pretty crazy load to carry somehow thinking about this has helped me forgive them and any trauma I’ve faced is mine to handle now and make the good out of it because I know better than they did and wouldn’t want to raise a kid this way.

    I will learn emotional regulation as you’ve said and I’m honestly grateful for your help. Thank you

  4. 3 months in and he's in Tinder??

    Fuck no, let this one go. Not worth the trouble and hassle. He can go crash with a friend or one of his Tinder hookups. You owe him nothing because he didn't seem to care about you.

    I get bored, I do other shit that does not involve cheating on my husband, what a motherfucking lame as excuse. Not buying it at all.

  5. Bahaha, This is the way OP ? all joking aside please stay on high alert regardless of your choices!

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